Ideal for players with moderate to full swings.

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Ideal for players with moderate to full swings, the Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch Over is lightweight, maneuverable and provides lots of power on serves and baseline shots while also being forgiving at the net.

One of the most popular racquet categories to emerge over the past year has been that of "tweener" racquets - those models that fall between pure player's models and pure game improvement, or power models. They're usually lighter (9-11 ounces), slightly longer (27.5-28 inches) and are designed for players with medium to medium-full/fast swings. Our message board, Talk Tennis, is loaded with discussions on the pros and cons of these racquets, as well as how they compare with each other. Having reviewed the first three models listed above, we felt it was time to include a playtest review of Wilson's Hyper Hammer 5.3.

The Hyper Hammer 5.3 enjoyed a kick-start during its introduction thanks to Tennis Magazine's 1999 Spring Gear Guide, where playtesters rated it as most powerful in its category. In Tennis Industry Magazine's Spring playtest the 5.3 Oversize ranked #2 overall, behind the Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 for men and women ranked 3.5-4.5. Not surprisingly, Wilson enjoyed impressive sell-in (initial sales to retailers) of this racquet and many players wondered if the 5.3 wasn't the holy grail of tennis. It quickly became Wilson's most popular selling Hyper Carbon model, and has enjoyed enhanced visibility on the pro tour in the hands of Lindsay Davenport and Todd Martin. Due to it's popularity, the 5.3 has also become Wilson's poster child for their newest material technology, Hyper Carbon, Wilson's answer to titanium racquets. The Hyper Hammer 5.3 continues to sell nicely for Wilson.

We playtested both headsizes of the Hyper Hammer 5.3 over a period of 2 weeks. Both racquets were re-strung midway through our playtest session at higher tensions. Strung at mid-range, both racquets (especially the Oversize) rocketed the ball off the stringbed, resulting in a lack of control. Our final tensions on both racquets were the maximum recommended by Wilson (Midplus @63 lbs. and Oversize@65 lbs.) with Wilson Sensation NXT 16.

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Size Options

  • 1L- 4.12
  • 2L- 4.25
  • 3L- 4.37
  • 4L- 4.50
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Hyper Carbon Material: Provides ultimate power, light weight and increased strength.

Hammer Technology: Provides a higher and larger sweet spot.

Stretch Light: Provides more power and greater reach.

Dual Taper Beam: Increases stability for greater power and enlarged sweet spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what tension is this racket Pre-strung?

    It is prestrung in the middle of the manufacturer's recommended tension range at 60 lbs.

  • How does the Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch Over compare with the Hammer Outeredge which is no longer available?

    The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Oversize is not overly similar to the H1 Outer Edge. The Outer Edge had a 135 square inch head and was 28.5 inches long. The Hyper Hammer 5.3 Oversize has 110 square inch head and is only 27.5 inches long. The closest racquet in Wilson's current line is probably the Wilson One BLX ( It has a 118 square inch head, but it is still only 27.5 inches long. You might also be interested in the Gamma RZR Bubba ( The RZR Bubba has a 137 square inch head and is 29 inches long, making it a pretty close replacement for the H1 Outer Edge.

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