This racquet is truly an all around solution to help any player raise their game to the next level.

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HOLABIRDSPORTS Name Wilson Six.Two Blx 100 Tennis Racquet $89.00

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Brand New from Wilson (plastic on handle) Strung (Wilson Ultra Synthetic) No Cover Factory Warranty The BLX 6.2 Midplus is terrific all-court racquet - for the advanced or solid intermediate player (3.5-4.5) wanting lift their game to the next level - consider this racquet. Also available in other listings as Oversize 110. Slightly more power, slightly bigger sweet spot. The BLX 6.2 has good all court play. It is solid from the base line and maneuverable at the net. It's 16x19 string pattern and moderate flexibility work well with either a standard or semi-western grip.

Twelve years ago, Wilson came out with one of the world's all time best selling racquets - the Hammer 6.2, called the "skunk" due to its distinctive black and white graphics. The BLX 6.2 - BLX-skunk - continues the tradition (although now with Black, White and Blue graphics);

It is a superior successor. This truly is one "terrific stick". Specifications 100 head 10.6 oz (strung) 10.1 oz (unstrung) 27 in long 2 pts head light pattern 16x19 our actual measurements.

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Double Hole: Bigger holes allowing 26 degrees of string movement for a bigger sweetspot.
BLX: Wilson BLX® racquet technology is engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet, and grip technologies for the perfect feel. Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black™, filtering unwanted extreme frequency and delivering a clean feedback with better sensation and the perfect feel.
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