The legendary Wilson Pro Staff 100 BLX tennis racquet is a control and spin frame.

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The legendary Wilson Pro Staff 100 BLX tennis racquet is a control and spin frame. The lighter weight makes this racquet incredibly maneuverable for a wider range of players. The use of braided graphite delivers an optimal blend of control and feel.

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  • 4.5
  • 4.12
  • 4.25
  • 4.37
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BLX: Wilson BLX® racquet technology is engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet, and grip technologies for the perfect feel. Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black™, filtering unwanted extreme frequency and delivering a clean feedback with better sensation and the perfect feel.

Amplifeel: Amplifeel™ handle technology provides an even cleaner and enhanced feel in the racquet. Amplifeel™ also allows for a more customized handle system providing additional handle comfort to further support maximizing the feel in each racquet and player segment

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  • The racquet of choice of world renowned Swiss player Roger Federer.
  • Amplifeel™ provides a clean, enhanced feel.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between prostaff Six.One 100 blx and prostaff 100 lite

    The Difference between the two is weight. The 100 lite is a lighter racquet designed to be a transition racquet for teens or the player wanting to ad racquet speed.

  • What's the string pattern?

    The string pattern on a Wilson Pro Staff Six One 10000 BLX is 16 mains and 18 crosses with no shared holes.

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