Lightweight power and maneuverability for short and compact swing styles.

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A long time favorite power racquet makes its return as the Head iS12 makes a special appearance Designed for players with compact swings looking for power every aspect of this frame expresses its desire to provide maximum ball speed Despite an original design from year ago the iS12 is one of the lightest racquets around at only 81 ounces strung Combined with an extended 28 length and large 115sq in headsize players with short swings will love the effortless repulsion and large sweetspot One of the first frames to use fibers integrated into a graphite matrix the Intellifibers are made of a piezoelectric ceramic material that are designed to dampen vibration by up to 20.

Lightweight power and maneuverability for short and compact swing styles. Head's revolutionary intellifibers not only stiffen the racquet for explosive power, but also immediately eliminate 20% of the vibrations. With PowerFrame technology and PowerPattern this racquet provides excellent power and control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is pre-strung?

    Yes the racquet comes pre-strung.

  • Is this s12 made in Austria ?

    The HEAD I. S12 is currently being manufactured in China.

  • How is it different from IX 11?

    The i.S12 is a quarter of an inch longer than the i.X11 and it is slightly lighter. As a whole, the two racquets are very similar. Both will offer lots of power and an oversized hitting surface. The i.S12 was actually in HEAD's original Intelligence line of racquets, while the i.X11 was released as part of the second generation of the technology. The i.S12 (and all Intelligence racquets) features piezoelectric fibers just in the throat, while the i.X11 (and all Intelligence X racquets) features piezoelectric fibers in the throat and the upper hoop of the racquet for greater stiffness. In the end, if you are looking for a similar racquet to replace your i.X11, the i.S12 is probably a good place to start.

  • what is the weight of the racket?

    The HEAD I. S12 is a very lightweight racquet. It weighs 7.6 ounces unstrung and 8.1 ounces strung.

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