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Wilson Staff FYbrid

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Consistent distance gapping

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Simplifies club selection

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makes the game a lot easier for mid to high handicap players

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attractive classic aesthetics

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Limited customization

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No Ladies LH

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stupid name

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No LH 5 hybrid

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The Wilson Staff FYbrid is a fusion of fairway woods and hybrid irons into one easy-to-understand family of fairway utility clubs which eliminates the confusion of overlapping clubs.  This makes club selection simpler with consistent distance gapping and gives easier-to-hit options for long distance shots off the fairway. The family for FYbrids consists of a 3 and 5 fairway wood, a 3, 4 and 5 hybrid iron and a transition club called the "FY" to bridge the gap between hybrid irons and fairway woods. The FY club replaces the need for a 2-iron, 2-hybrid and a 7-wood. The fairway woods have traditional lofts to fit long fairway needs and the hybrid irons are 1-to-1 replacements for standard long irons. The unique sole plate design has a rail system that prevents the club from bouncing into the ball at impact preventing thin shots and allowing the clubs to be used on side hill lies or with a laid open or closed face.  They feature a UST VW graphite shaft with tour-proven Proforce tip technology for stability and accuracy. The Wilson Staff FYbrid is available in men's RH and LH and ladies RH.

  • 3, 4, 5 hybrid iron
  • FY Bridge club
  • 3, 5 fairway wood
  • Rail system designed sole
  • UST VW graphite shaft w/ Proforce tip technology

Club Options - Men's
  • Fybrid 3 wood-15 - R,RL & S Flex 3W-15
  • Fybrid 5 wood-18 - R,RL & S Flex 5W-18
  • Fybrid FY-19.5 - R,RL & S Flex FY-19.5
  • Fybrid 3 hybrid-21 - R,RL & S Flex 3H-21
  • Fybrid 4 hybrid-24 - R,RL & S Flex 4H-24
  • Fybrid 5 hybrid-27 - R & RL Flex 5H-27
  • Fybrid LH 3 wood-15 - R-Flex Only 3W-15
  • Fybrid LH 5 wood-18 - R-Flex Only 5W-18
  • Fybrid LH FY-19.5 - R-Flex Only FY-19.5
  • Fybrid LH 3 hybrid-21 - R-Flex Only 3H-21
  • Fybrid LH 4 hybrid-24 - R-Flex Only 4H-24
Club Options - Ladies
  • FYbrid, 3-wood, RH, Graphite - 15.0° Ladies Flex
  • FYbrid, 5-wood, RH, Graphite - 18.0° Ladies Flex
  • FYbrid, FY Club, RH, Graphite FY - 19.5° Ladies Flex
  • FYbrid, 3-hybrid, RH, Graphite - 21.0° Ladies Flex
  • FYbrid, 4-hybrid, RH, Graphite - 24.0° Ladies Flex
  • FYbrid, 5-hybrid, RH, Graphite - 27.0° Ladies Flex
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