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The Staff Ci9 Irons are a set of mid-range golf clubs from the Wilson company.

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ball gets up in the air naturally, without much effort

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solid feel with a confidence-inspiring balance

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topline is reflective but doesn't shine sunlight in your eyes at address, makes it easy to line up

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attractive, bold design that will catch the eye of other players

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large enough sweet spot for beginners

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gives some decent feedback on mis-hits to let you know what happened without stinging you

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about 2 degrees more flat than other irons by default, may need to have them set to your preferences

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The Staff Ci9 Irons are a set of mid-range golf clubs from the Wilson company. Designed specifically for professional Tour players, these models incorporate a streamlined head shape with a thin top line for increased power and control. The size of the head falls in the middle of most other Iron sets, appealing to a wide range of golfers of all ages and strengths. A custom-weighted exoskeleton is included that enables a higher moment of inertia via heel and toe weighting, while the center of gravity has been positioned behind the clubs' sweet spot for solid follow-throughs and maximized power outputting. Off-center hits are helped via the inclusion of a one-piece soft response insert, which has been coated in 431 stainless steel for snappy shot returns and pleasing sound resonance. Wilson's classic "U-Grooves" have been re-worked for the Ci9 irons to increase aerodynamic properties and add ease to follow-throughs, removing unnecessary energy expenditure on the player's part while staying within USGA and R&A regulations. Right and left-handed models are available, with Stiff, Regular and Uniflex flex options for golfers of all strengths. 

  • Gloss Silver aesthetic with Black highlighting
  • Tour-inspired shaping 
  • Advanced exoskeleton weighting 
  • One-piece stainless steel response insert 
  • FST step-less steel shaft 
  • Aldila VS Proto 75 shaft technology 
  • Modified U-grooves 
  • Lamkin grip style 
  • Available in Stiff, Regular and Uniflex flex options
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