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Wilson Staff Ci7

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look great at address, easy to line up a shot

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allows skilled players to work a ball with great results

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loft and lie can be adjusted for custom preferences

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lots of forgiveness but enough control to help high handicappers improve their game

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every club in the set is reliable, works consistently in all conditions

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huge sweet spot, almost the entire face, makes mis-hits rare

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feel through the shafts is muted, need to pay attention

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The Wilson Staff Ci7 are a set of control irons with a mid-sized head and gives the look of a tour blade and the forgiveness of an oversized iron. The head maintains the classic lines prefered by better players and combines it with advanced heel-toe weight distribution for a high moment of intertia (MOI) and maximum forgiveness. They feature either a UST Proforce V2 shaft or a True Temper TX steel shaft shaft which are two of the most popular lightweight shafts available and deliver higher club head speeds for better performance. The elastromeric paint in the cavity reduces vibration while the thin face delivers maximum power and the undercut cavity provides greater head stability. The Wilson Staff Ci7 set includes 4 to 9 irons, a PW, GW and SW and is available in RH and LH.

  • Mid-sized head design
  • Advanced heel-toe weighting
  • Elastromeric paint in cavity
  • Thin face
Clubs Available
  • Ci7 RH - Gap, Sand-Steel
  • Ci7 LH - Sand-Steel
  • Ci7 RH - #4-GW R Flex only-Steel
  • Ci7 LH - #4-GW R Flex only-Steel
  • Ci7 RH- Gap, Sand - Graphite
  • Ci7 LH - Sand - Graphite
  • Ci7 RH - #4-GW A, R Flex - Graphite
  • Ci7 LH - #4-GW R Flex - Graphite
Shaft Options
  • True Temper Tx 105 - Flex S, 105g
  • True Temper Tx 105 - Flex R, 105g
  • UST Proforce V2 - Flex S, 76g
  • UST Proforce V2 - Flex R, 74g
  • UST Proforce V2 - Flex RL, 68g
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