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Wilson's FG59 set is a high-end set of irons spanning the 3 iron to pitching wedge.

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Allows a very evenly controlled swing, and high swing weight

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Wilson's thinnest top-line club available, great for fans of retro-syled irons

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Experienced players find it easy to control distance with these clubs, as compared to older Wilson models

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Excellent handling when hitting balls on difficult lies

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Better, more even weight distribution than previous FG generations

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Very stylish aesthetic, streamlined and clean finish

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Price is fairly high compared to older, similar Wilson models

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Headsize is somewhat small and takes some adjustment to learn

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Wilson's FG59 set is a high-end set of irons spanning the 3 iron to pitching wedge. The 59 in the name commemorates the 59 major championships won with Wilson irons. The classic head shapes of these clubs are designed for the skilled player. The wide sole of the clubs helps to drop the center of gravity, thereby improving ground interaction. The hardness of the sole prevents skidding on harder fairways, while at the same time preventing dogging on softer fairways. The mild carbon steel thin top-line increases power and provides a comfortable, responsive feel. The minimal offset of the club heads helps you to control trajectory, which improves the clubs' overall workability.   

  • Mild carbon steel
  • Wide sole
  • Minimal offset
  • Hard sole
  • Thin top-line
  • Classic look
  • 3 iron-pitching wedge set span
  • Low launch angle
  • No left-handed version available
  • D2 swing weight
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold SL shaft
  • Shaft options: X-100-Flex (109g shaft weight, 0.355" tip diameter), S-300-Flex (106g shaft weight, 0.355" tip diameter), R-300-Flex (106g shaft weight, 0.450" tip diameter)   
Club Specs
  • 3 iron - 21.0 loft, 59.5 degree lie angle, 39.25" club length 
  • 4 iron - 24.0 loft, 60.0 degree lie angle, 38.75" club length
  • 5 iron - 27.0 loft, 61.0 degree lie angle, 38.25" club length
  • 6 iron - 31.0 loft, 61.5 degree lie angle, 37.75" club length
  • 7 iron - 35.0 loft, 62.0 degree lie angle, 37.25" club length
  • 8 iron - 39.0 loft, 63.0 degree lie angle, 36.75" club length
  • 9 iron - 43.0 loft, 63.5 degree lie angle, 36.25" club length
  • PW - 47.0 loft, 64.0 degree lie angle, 35.75" club length
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