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Wilson's FG Tour Irons are being marketed to tour professionals and better-playing amateurs.

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grooves conform to USGA and R&A standards, can take the clubs on tour

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good forgiveness on most shots, enough for intermediate players

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design has a nice classic look, very traditional

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construction quality is consistent from one club to the next, good quality control

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well balanced, helps with an even and steady swing

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steady progression throughout the set, always able to find an appropriate club

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flat base makes contact with the ground disruptive to the shot

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Wilson's FG Tour Irons are being marketed to tour professionals and better-playing amateurs. The 8-piece FG irons were actually tested by tour professionals, which had a large part in the design of these clubs. Features such as the Tour-Preferred Feel (square toe, thin top line, minimally progressive offsets), which improves turf interaction over a variety of lies, were inspired by the pros. The shallow cavity of the FG irons redistributes weight from the heel to the toe, which positions the center of gravity at the center of the face, thereby increasing MOI (Moment Of Intertia) for stability. These clubs also have conforming grooves, which help to raise the center of gravity. This promotes ball spin and ball control.    

  • Mild carbon steel
  • Tour-Preferred Feel
  • Shallow cavity
  • CNC-milled face
  • Conforming grooves
  • Follows USGA standards
  • 0.355" shaft tip diameter
  • D2 swing weight
  • Low launch angle
  • Left-handed versions available
  • Shaft options: S-300-Flex (130g shaft weight), R-300-Flex (127g shaft weight) 
Club Specs
  • 3 iron - 21.0 degree loft angle, 59.5 degree lie angle, 39.25" club length
  • 4 iron - 24.0 degree loft angle, 60.0 degree lie angle, 38.75" club length
  • 5 iron - 27.0 degree loft angle, 61.0 degree lie angle, 38.25" club length
  • 6 iron - 31.0 degree loft angle, 61.5 degree lie angle, 37.75" club length
  • 7 iron - 34.0 degree loft angle, 62.0 degree lie angle, 37.25" club length
  • 8 iron - 39.0 degree loft angle, 63.0 degree lie angle, 36.75" club length
  • 9 iron - 43.0 degree loft angle, 63.5 degree lie angle, 36.25" club length
  • PW - 47.0 degree loft angle, 64.0 degree lie angle, 35.75" club length
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