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The Whirlpool ED5KVEXVL is a mid-end, Side by Side refrigerator.

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plenty of containers inside for sorting out produce and meats

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ice and water dispenser work quickly and predictably

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runs almost completely silent, only hear some ice dropping into the bucket if its empty

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freezer doesn't deposit frost on the food bags

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interior is very spacious, can fit plenty of groceries inside

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finish looks nice and it doesn't show finger prints

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on the stainless steel model the sides are black

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kit for the water hookup comes separately, need to remember to order it along with the fridge

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The Whirlpool ED5KVEXVL is a mid-end, Side by Side refrigerator. This model is exactly similar to the ED5GVEXVD in every way, but comes with several different colour options and more shelving and bins. The basic features of this model include a PuR Water Filtration System, an Ice and Water Dispenser, SpillGuard Shelving, Dispenser Control Lockout, and an Interior Temperature and Humidity Control. These features do not change between all other ED5 Series refrigerators. The specialty features for the ED5KVEXVL include the Adaptive Defrost System (ADS) and a Filter Change Indicator Light that warns when the water filter needs to be replaced. This model comes with an excess of bins and shelving, both adjustable. The entire unit is a large 25.1 cubic feet, with 15.2 allotted to the fridge and 9.9 allotted to the freezer.  The D/H/W of the unit is 33-3/4" x 69-3/4" x 35-1/2" respectively, and comes in the colours White, Black, and Satina Stainless Look. The ED5KVEXVL is Energy Star Certified.

The ADS feature will monitor the compressor run-time to aid in defrosting and improve food preservation. The Dispenser Control Lock will prevent small children from operating the ice and water dispensers. The SpillGuard Shelving makes cleaning up spills and messes much easier, and the glass shelving is an added luxury.

Model Variations

Model: Whirlpool ED5KVEXVL
Colour: Satina Stainless Look
MSRP: $1,199.00

Model: Whirlpool ED5KVEXVB
Colour: Black
MSRP: $999.00

Model: Whirlpool ED5KVEXVQ
Colour: White
MSRP: $999.00

Key Features
  • Side by Side
  • PuR Water Filtration System
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Dial Interior¬†Temperature and Humidity Control
  • SpillGuard Glass Shelving
  • Dispenser Control Lockout
  • Filter Change Light
  • Adaptive Defrost System (ADS)
  • Multiple Bins and Shelves (Adjustable and Fixed)
  • Satina Stainless Look / White / Black
  • 25.1 cu. ft.
  • Depth x Height x Width: 33-3/4" x 69-3/4" x 35-1/2"
  • Energy Star Certified


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