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The Whirlpool ED5FHEXVS is a large, high end, Side by Side refrigerator.

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plenty of drawers and storage spaces for specific items, easy to stay organized

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keeps everything cool evenly throughout the fridge

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child lock is perfect for keeping the very young kids from playing with the water dispenser

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emits a quiet, gentle hum while in operation

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produces ice very quickly, good capacity for such a small ice maker

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wide enough for a large pizza box

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ice maker is attached to the door, doesn't take up much space

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not completely silent as many fridges in this category

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The Whirlpool ED5FHEXVS is a large, high end, Side by Side refrigerator. The model is comparable to the Whirlpool ED2FHEXVS, the only difference between the two being the larger size of this model over the other. Size aside, the basic components of the ED5FHEXVS are a PuR 6-month Water Filtration System, Ice and Water Dispenser, Interior Temperature and Humidity Control, and SpillGuard Shelving. The Temp. and Humidity is controlled by a Backlit Slide Interior Temperature Dial. The additional features for the ED5FHEXVS include a Dispenser Control Lockout to keep young children from operated the device, a Filter Change Indicator Light to warn when it is time to replace the water filter, an Adaptive Defrost System (ADS), and shelving that comes both Clear and Opaque. The entire unit has a large capacity of 25.3 cubic feet, with 15.2 allotted to the fridge and 9.9 allotted to the freezer. The unit's D/H/W are 33-3/4" x 69-3/4" x 35-1/2" respectively and comes in the colours Black, Biscuit, Stainless Steel, and Satina Stainless Look. The ED5FHEXVS is Energy Star Certified.

The Ice Dispenser gives both crushed and cubed ice. The temperature and humidity is controlled by an internal dial, and controls a snack, crisper, and meat pan. The ADS technology monitors the compressor run-time and adjusts defrost time to improve food preservation and energy savings. The door of the unit opens to a 90 degree angle.  This model is no more expensive than the smaller ED3 model, and comes with a larger size and better filtration system.

Model Variations

Model: Whirlpool ED5FHEXVL
Colour: Satina Stainless
MSRP: $1,599.00

Model: Whirlpool ED5FHEXVS
Colour: Stainless Steel
MSRP: $1,699.00

Model: Whirlpool ED5FHEXVB
Colour: Black
MSRP: $1,399.00

Model: Whirlpool ED5FHEXVT
Colour: Biscuit
MSRP: $1,399.00

Key Features
  • Side by Side
  • PuR 6 month Water Filtration System
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Backlit Slide Interior Temperature and Humidity Control
  • SpillGuard Glass Shelving
  • Dispenser Control Lockout
  • Filter Change Light
  • Adaptive Defrost System
  • Multiple Bins and Shelves (Adjustable and Fixed)
  • Satina Stainless Look / Stainless Steel / White / Black / Biscuit
  • 25.3 cu. ft.
  • Depth x Height x Width:   33-3/4" x 69-3/4" x 35-1/2"
  • Energy Star Certified
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