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A compact microwave oven, whose main design feature is its small size and form factor.

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The Whirlpool WMC20005YD Look Countertop Microwave is a compact microwave oven, whose main design feature is its small size and form factor. The rear of the oven is curved so that it can fit into corners more easily than typical square microwaves. It is possible to fit an entire dinner plate in the oven, and it does use a rotating glass tray inside. The controls are meant to be simple, and while they offer some customization, there is also simply an "add 30" button that instantly starts cooking food at 100% power for another 30 seconds. The control panel itself is flat and can be "tapped" to enter directions. Other features include one-touch popcorn button, 10-level power controls, and a lock that prevents others from editing settings. Note that this microwave is intended specifically for countertop use and can be safely used on any solid surface.

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  • Compact form factor
  • Fits full dinner plate
  • Tap touch controls
  • Add 30 seconds button
  • Popcorn button
  • 10 -level power adjustment
  • Pocket handle door
  • 750W cooking power
  • 0.5 cu. ft. capacity
  • Control lock
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you think it is possible to use it on a long car travel? Is it easy to transport?

    It's small, can wrap your arms around it, but heavy (about 30 lbs). Doable, but I wouldn't say easy.

  • Can you put a plate or bowl on top of the microwave? If so, what is the depth of that area?

    Yes it is flat on top. Front to center of back including the width of the door (2"), it is about 12 inches, but back is curved. It's a little more than 12 inches side to side.

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