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The Whirlpool DU1100XT model is a mid-grade, built-in (under counter) dishwasher unit.

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controls are well laid out, don't really need to read instructions

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energy efficient while in operation, doesn't hit your power bill too hard

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runs pretty quiet, can have a conversation standing next to it

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lots of room inside, can fit a lot in there

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silverware rack isn't easy to carry from the sink to the washer

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occasionally get a unit that won't dissolve all the soap properly

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doesn't tend to thoroughly wash the utensils

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The Whirlpool DU1100XT model is a mid-grade, built-in (under counter) dishwasher unit. The DU1100XT premier model exterior is outlined in a monochromatic stainless steel and provides a sleek, and modern look to any kitchen; the unit is also available as completely different models in white, biscuit (creamy white) and black (See model series section below). Each of the DU1100 series devices includes an NSF certified Sani-rinse option which sanitizes the dishes at a hot temperature to completely eliminate any excess germs. The Whirlpool 1100 series dishwasher units are equipped with a Quiet Partner II system that provides sound-reducing insulation and five different user-selectable levels of quiet operation. Another integrated system includes the SheerClean direct feed wash system which allows the device to collect dirty water through the back draining ports and inject fresh cleaning water from five different angles; this ensures the clean water remains clean during the entire process and the device is not just re-using the same dirty water. Each device is Energy Star qualified and as Whirlpool claims will consume 25% less total energy than a conventional dish-washing unit. The Whirlpool DU1100XT model dish-washing units include additional features such as an Anywhere plus silverware basket that can fit in three different places, a special soak and scour option, light item, side item and utensil clips that help to secure lightweight items during the wash cycle, a special glass express cleaning cycle, a white plastic interior tub, an auto soil sensor that automatically adjusts cleaning options regarding the dirty state of the dishes, a control lock, and 4 different washing cycles.

  • Mid-grade tall tub, built-in dishwasher unit
  • Full-length flat exterior door
  • Energy star qualified
  • Available in several different color options; different models (see below)
  • 4 washing cycles and 6 different options
  • Super Capacity tall tub
  • White plastic interior tubwith vinyl dish racks
  • SheerClean direct feed wash system
  • Quiet Partner II system technology with special soak and scour option
  • Anywhere plus silverware basket
  • Auto soil sensor
  • Light item, side and utensil clips to secure loose items during wash cycle
  • Integrated control lock

Whirlpool sells the same dishwasher in separate color options for a wider user selection range; the alternate color models are listed completely separate but include the same features.

Model Numbers

DU1100XTPx where x indicates the model's colour. Model numbers include: DU1100XTPB, DU1100XTPQ, DU1100XTPT, DU1100XTPS. Specific models are detailed below:

Whirlpool DU1100XTPB
  • Black on black
  • MSRP: $479
Whirlpool DU1100XTPQ
  • White on white
  • MSRP: $479
Whirlpool DU1100XTPT
  • Biscuit (Creamy White)
  • MSRP: $479
Whirlpool DU1100XTPS
  • Stainless Steel
  • MSRP: $549
 Key Specs
  • Dishwasher Cycles: Normal, Pots and Pans, Light/china and Rinse only
  • Dishwasher Options: Heated Dry, High Temp, Sani-rinse, Delay Wash (2/4/6 hours), Control Lockout, Rinse and Aid, Soak and Scour
  • Dimensions: 34 1/2 in (H) x 23 7/8 in (W) x 24 1/2 in (D)
  • Electrical Requirements: 15 or 20 Amps; 60 Hz. 15. 120 V. AC Power
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor for full appliance
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