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In the WTW4950XW top-loading washer, Whirlpool has aimed to deliver a washer that tailors its performance to the load.

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uses very little water for even larger loads

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gentle with clothing, doesn't cause much wear or pull at the stitching

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mechanisms force water and soap through clothes effectively, gets clothes clean even on the shortest cycles

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runs quietly, can only really hear it during the spin cycle, which can still be easily talked over

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easy to balance, not requiring extremely precise levelling

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load sensors consistently use the correct amount of water from load to load

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Uses less water than agitator style

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Spin cycle is very efficient and get more water out than agitator style.

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leaves clothes dirty

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lacks any extreme high-temperature or sanitize options

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Piece of junk!

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not reliable

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In the WTW4950XW top-loading washer, Whirlpool has aimed to deliver a washer that tailors its performance to the load, featuring an increased capacity, load-size sensors, the H2Low wash system, EcoBoost, and a bevy of wash cycle options. The stainless steel wash basket offers 4.3 cubic feet of space, and adjusts water usage to capacity usage, saving water through the H2Low wash system. The EcoBoost option offers a quick and easy way to save energy--simply press the button, and energy is saved through spin speed and water temperature adjustments. The wash options include 12 automatic cycles, a Heavy Duty cycle, a Bulky Items cycle targeting duvets and comforters, a Normal cycle, Delicate cycle and Quick Wash cycle, as well as 4 choices of water level and temperature, respectively. The WTW4950XW model is EnergyStar qualified and includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Stainless steel, top-loading wash basket with 4.3 cu. ft. capacity
  • H2Low wash system with load sensors adjusts water usage for load size
  • EcoBoost option conserves energy
  • 12 automatic cycles
  • Other cycles include Heavy Duty, Bulky Items, Normal, Delicate, Quick Wash, Casual, Soak, etc.
  • 4 Water level options
  • 4 Water temperature options
  • Extra Rinse option
  • Quiet Spin technology
  • EnergyStar qualified
  • Dimensions: 43" (H) x 27 1/4" (W) x 26 5/16" (D)


Post Review
10/13/2012 10:31

Had this washer 8 months and now the controls act funny. The it door lock latches and it begins to run but stops seconds after and the lid lock light blinks? I thought it was the door latch switch but when I changed the setting from drain and spin to regular wash it went immeadiately into a spin cycle without sensing and filling the washer with water. Frustrated and did not expect this from a new washer. Do not buy this model.

Dave Green
08/20/2012 09:27

I only had this Whirlpool WTW4950 washer for five months and already the lid switch is not latching. Lowes referred me to a Whirpool warranty service provider - they scheduled me for five days later, so I'm going to the laundrymat while waiting. Not what you expect from a new washer!



10/11/2012 08:57

Is this causing your machine to keep going back to the wash cycle?

06/27/2012 01:07

I bought this washer almost 2 yrs ago and was the worst choice ever! The water doesnt fill up high enough to really wet ALL the clothes. Yes they come out almost dry but thats the way they went in! The clothes still smell and show signs of dirt. All ya have to do is smell the armpits of a newly washed load and you know its not working! I've sent the same load through 2-3 times with the same results. Even cut the load in half! I certainly know how to follow directions and this thing is a piece of garbage! No agitator was a mistake. The clothes hardly move so how can they clean good? The store I purchased it from said they are receiving lots of complaints. They are willing to give me $100 as a trade...cost almost $600. Did I mention half the time the lid does not open and the lights just flash... Feel so ripped! This unit should recalled!!!! Going to find one with an agitator and one that doesnt have that stupid lid lock!

04/13/2012 09:24

So far so good (after a couple of months of use). Using any high efficiency top loader necessitates learning a new method of loading the machine and getting comfortable with some different noises (at times it sounds like a Dalek calling out for the Doctor). Read the manual and follow directions and you will find that it cleans just as well as a traditional agitator-style machine. Not only does this new design use much less water but it also does a better of getting water out during the spin cycle. This, in turn, makes the dryer work less and saves energy on that end of the laundry process.

02/26/2012 12:23

Had to replace the lid switch after just 13 mos of usage



04/02/2012 11:03

Hi Anonymous. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of . We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your washer. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the site you were contacted on, your user ID name, your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to Whirlpool.Digital@BRAND
com. We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.

07/26/2011 10:44

I bought a new he washer (whirlpool) was a big mistake. it leaves clothes dirty and i have to use extra fabric softener or the clothes feel stiff. I am going to get rid of it and buy toe old style washer that uses water to wash clothes.



07/31/2011 03:25

Did you read the manual before you used it ? Did you make sure the machine was level ? Did you you use HE detergent ? Yeah, it's a differnt beast than your typical top loader, you have to be able to adjust. It's works different, sounds different, looks different, so it will work different. I'm a mechanic and have a ton of dirty clothes along with my 3 kids, this machine works great! Yes some cycles go for an hour, but when you remove the clothes, they're close to dry, and my 10 year old Maytag dryer now takes half the time to dry my clothes. And if you bought the washer because it was a "HE" washer than you can appricate that my old 220volt dryer is now working half as hard. Thus, a nice savings on electric over the year.



10/24/2011 01:55

I agree I have had no problems with this machine washing anything from towels to jeans to a king sized comforter. and I dont do anything special just the directions on the lid of the machine.

04/11/2011 11:23

Having this delievered today.....skeptical, but willing to give it a 7 day trial! Not in to the fancy electronic new washers....just the old fashioned type.

03/10/2011 03:45

just not sure about the washer without an agitation???? not sure Im as smart as the washer!!!

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