The Whirlpool Duet HT WFW9400VE is an upper model front loading washing machine offered by Whirlpool.

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The Whirlpool Duet HT WFW9400VE is an upper model front loading washing machine offered by Whirlpool, fitting at the top of the mid-range Duet HT line. The 4.0 Cu. Ft. I.E.C. capacity stainless steel drum handles up to 16 pairs of jeans using half the water and energy of conventional top loading machines, and can handle other bulky items such as comforters, sleeping bags or dog beds. There are several wash cycles, including a NSF certified sanitary cycle, woolmark certified wool cycle and quick wash cycle to name a few.  The Cradle Clean technology uses a rocking motion rather than spinning the drum to mimic hand washing. The automatic dispenser system releases each additive at the appropriate time, eliminating the need to return to the washer during the wash cycle. In order to optimize the efficiency of the wash cycle, the 6th sense technology determines the size of the load being washed and automatically determines how much water is required, while it monitors and controls the water temperature and keeps an eye on the suds level to prevent oversudsing. The direct inject wash system penetrates stains with a concentrated burst of detergent eliminating the need to pretreat stains. The add-a-garment feature indicates how long new items can be added to the cycle without affecting the wash quality. Quiet wash plus noise reduction uses sound absorbing materials in front, sides and bottom of the cabinet helping to keep washer sounds from disturbing your daily life. Other features include a 6-point suspension system to reduce vibration and noise while in operation and an anti-escape valve which prevents detergent from draining during wash cycle.  The matching dryers are the WGD9400VE Duet Super Capacity Plus Gas Dryer and the WED9400VE Duet Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer. The WFW9400VE and matching dryers are available in an "ocean blue" finish.

  • 4.0 Cu. Ft. I.E.C. Capacity
  • ENERGY STAR & CEE Tier III Qualified
  • Direct Inject Wash System
  • 6th Sense™ Technology
  • 6-Point Suspension System
  • Care Control Temperature Management
  • Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction System
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • NSF® Certified Sanitary Cycle
  • Cradle Clean Technology
  • Woolmark Certified Wool Cycle
  • Clean Washer Cycle with Affresh
  • Quick Wash Cycle
  • Delay Wash
  • Automatic Dispenser System
  • Automatic Water Levels
  • Add-A-Garment Indicator Light
  • Anti-Escape Valve
  • Height: 38 Inches
  • Width: 27 Inches
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