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The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6200VW is a high-end top loading washing maching, which falls at the bottom of the Cabrio product line.

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large capacity

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high-tech features from the Duet line such 6th sense and direct inject

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energy efficient

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designed for quiet operation

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great value for the price

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clothes get caught at bottom soft loose paddles & turn into a winded nightmare

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costs more than more basic units to repair

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Does not clean clothes good enough

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smaller capacity than the rest of the line

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only one available colour

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The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6200VW is a high-end top loading washing maching, which falls at the bottom of the Cabrio product line offered by Whirlpool. Like all the Cabrio line, this washer is Energy Star certified and includes the direct inject wash system releases a highly concentrated dose of detergent to penetrate stains prior to the wash cycle, which eliminates the need to pre-treat stains before washing. Another feature across the Cabrio line is 6th sense technology, which determines the size of the load being washed and uses the precise amount of water required.  Heat sensors monitor the water temperature and a suds sensor prevents over sudsing in the low water wash system. However, unlike the rest of the line that feature a 4.6 cu. ft capacity, the WTW6200VW has a smaller 3.8 cu. ft stainless steel basket, with dual-action agitator.  There are several wash cycles including one for bulky items and a whitest whites cycle. The add a garment indicator lets you know the when it is still safe to add more clothes without affecting the wash cycle, and also features time remaining and cycle status lights.  The quiet wash plus noise reduction system has sound absorbing material around the drum to reduce operating noise into the surrounding environment. The matching dryers for this washer are the electric WED6200SW and the gas WGD6200SW. There is also an optional laudry tower. The WTW6200VW washer comes in a white-on-white finish, and dryers come in white.

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Ultra Capacity   
  • CEE Tier I Energy Savings  
  • Direct Inject Wash System
  • 6th Sense Technology
  • Care Control Temperature Management
  • Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction System 
  • Stainless Steel Wash Drum
  • Whitest Whites Cycle
  • 4 Water Temperatures
  • Estimated Time Remaining with Cycle Status Lights
  • Automatic Water Level Settings 
  • Add-A-Garment Indicator
  • Optional Laundry Tower 
  • Cabrio Fabric Care System
  • Clean Washer Cycle  
  • Bulky Items Cycle
  • Depth: 27 Inches
  • Height: 42 Inches
  • Width: 27 1/2 Inches
Post Review
05/18/2010 11:09

Towels get torn up, badly. Machine fails with "F51" code, design flaw. Check the F51 blogs on internet. Didn't get my money's worth.

12/04/2009 08:48

Absolutely love this machine. Kenmore died after 19 yrs, bought a Maytag used for 2 weeks and was miserable, clothes not clean, soap and fab softener never completely diluted- a mess. Returned it and got the WP instead. I do 7-11 loads/wk for teenage boys clothes, bedding and animal bedding. Machine is a delight. Has bells and whistles I thought I wouldn't use, but are very functional. Very quiet. Have not used high eff. detergent and it does great. Don't have to worry about mold or special additives as with front loader. Easy to unload(didn't have to buy a pedestal as with front loader). AND, in my city I am getting a rebate of $150 for water saving feature-machine only cost $565 at Lowes to begin with! None of the cons listed have occured for me. Capacity is fine, I can put a queen quilt or twin quilt + blanket and it does great. I highly recommend.



12/17/2012 09:38

Hey, that Maytag you bought was a Whirlpool! Do the reseach.

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