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The Whirlpool WED5100VQ is a Super Capacity Plus electric dryer from the Capacity series.

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can be overfilled a bit but will still get everything dry

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automatic dry generally does an excellent job sensing how long the cycle needs to be

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light inside ensures you definitely got everything

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wrinkle shield fluffs everything well, effectively avoids an ironing job

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buzzer is audible from everywhere in the house, good reminder to go get the laundry

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large capacity, can handle a couple of loads of washing at a time if you want

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installation is very simple, just plugs in and vents like any other dryer, no surprises, don't need a technician

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The Whirlpool WED5100VQ is a Super Capacity Plus electric dryer from the Capacity series that features an Automatic Drying system with a painted steel drum. A competitor to the WED5000VQ, the WED5100VQ offers a larger space of 6.5 cubic ft. (versus 5.9 cubic ft.), but only supports 5 cycles (versus 8) and 3 temperatures. The WED5100VQ also comes equipped with a myriad of useful features such as a 40-minute Wrinkle-Shield Plus feature, a Quiet Dry-Noise Reduction system, a large reversible side-swing door, and an on/off end-of-cycle signal. The Whirlpool WED5100VQ retails for $349.00, the exact same as the WED5000VQ. If purchased from the manufacturer, the WED5100VQ comes with a 1 year warranty. Optional accessories such as storage pedestals and a laundry tower are available for an additional fee.

  • Capacity: 6.5 Cu. Ft.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 43 x 29 x 27-3/4"
  • Available in White (WED5100VQ)
  • 5 Cycles/3 Drying Temperatures   
  • Large Reversible Side-Swing Door  
  • Top-Mounted Lint Screen
  • Optional Accessories Available
  • Interior Drum Light
  • 1 year limited warranty
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