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The Whirlpool LTE5243DQ is a stacked electric washer/dryer combo unit which is very compact and suitable for small spaces.

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compact design fits into tight spaces

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easy operation, controls are simple and require no instruction

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runs fairly energy efficient, very little power usage per load

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difficult to keep it balanced, tends to vibrate

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washer drum jumps off the hydraulics fairly regularly due to a design flaw - needs a perfectly balanced load

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center agitator of the washing machine wears out quickly, just uses little plastic tabs to hold it to spindle

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very noisy while in operation, can't ignore it

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very limited choices for what types of cleaning/drying cycles to run

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The Whirlpool LTE5243DQ is a stacked electric washer/dryer combo unit which is very compact and suitable for small spaces.  The unit features a 1.5 cu.ft. washer with a Surgilator agitator that generates continuous rollover to ensure the entire load gets clean and stepped-down agitation speeds for more thorough cleaning.  The washer is designed with a spreckle porcelain wash basket and a strong ToughTop II top and lid finish for durability.  It comes with 5 wash cycles, 4 temperature settings, 3 water level selections, and 5 spin speeds and has an easy-to-clean lint filter.  The top part of the LTE5243DQ houses a 3.4 cu.ft. dryer that features an automatic Dry-Miser sensor that detects the moisture in the drum and stops when the clothes have reached the selected dryness.  The dryer comes with 5 drying cycles and 4 temperature settings and is designed with a DuraWhite interior and a 180-degree side-swinging door for easy access.  The Whirlpool LTE5243DQ is only available in a white finish and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Whirlpool also has the LTG5243DQ which is the gas equivalent of this model and retails for $1169.

  • Stacked electric washer/dryer unit
  • 1.5 cu.ft. capacity washer
    • Spreckle porcelain basket
    • 5 wash cycles, 4 temperature settings, 5 spin speeds, 3 water level selections
    • Stepped-down agitation with Surgilator agitator
    • Easy-to-clean lint filter
    • ToughTop II top and lid finish
  • Compact thin Twin Dryer
    • 3.4 cu.ft. capacity
    • Automatic Dry-Miser control
    • 5 drying cycles, 4 temperature settings
    • End-of-cycle signal
    • DuraWhite interior and 180-degree side-swing door
  • 1 year limited warranty
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