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The Westinghouse VR-6025Z is a low cost high definition LCD TV.

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Well-priced for a 60" LCD HDTV with 120Hz refresh technology.

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Video resolution is good compared to other tvs in its class

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Very limited resolution with PCs (SVGA, XGA, WXGA).

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Extremely heavy (about 93lbs with stand).

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Built-in speakers sound pretty flat.

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Contrast ratio can't stand up to similarly priced (if somewhat smaller) LED TVs.

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Doesn't meet Energy Star specifications.

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Limited picture quality setting options.

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The Westinghouse VR-6025Z is a low cost high definition LCD TV. This is an expansion of the Westinghouse VR-5585DFZ, with a larger 60 inch display area and a higher 5000:1 contrast ratio. Other features are similar, including the 120Hz refresh rate for jitter-free display of fast-moving sports and action movies. The built-in tuner works with NTSC and ATSC inputs, and can decode high definition content up to 1080p. The native resolution of the screen is 1920x1080 and displays in a widescreen 16:9 ratio. A wide array of input types are available that support both newer and legacy equipment, and a coaxial SPDIF output supports the use of an external sound system.

  • Screen Size: 59.9 in Diagonal
  • Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Viewing Angle: Horizontal 176° / Vertical 176°
  • TV Tuner Capability: NTSC/ATSC
  • 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Connections: RF, Composite, S-Video, 2 x Component, 3 x HDMI, VGA, PC Audio In, SPDIF Digital Audio (Coax)
  • Wall Mount: VESA 400mm x 400mm
Post Review
10/13/2011 07:32

I bought this TV for $699. At that price it was a great deal. I would not however pay over a $900. Which is still less than MSRP. The warranty is only one year, and in my experience, the cheaper tvs use cheaper capacitors, so an extended warranty is a must, which could put the msrp+warranty into much better tv company.Out of the box it takes some tweaking. However, as others have stated, the picture adjustments are extremely limiting. Simply put, there are two ways that all HDTVs are illuminated. The screen can be adjusted via the menu with brightness/contrast, and also with a backlight. The purpose of having both is that it allows you to adjust the darkness of the image while the backlight keeps the brights still bright. For instance, if you want to watch a dark movie while still seeing the brights brightly. Think space with bright stars. However, for some strange reason, this TV has no backlight control, so it is extremely bright. So you compensate by turning the screen brightness down, which makes it too dark on the dark scenes. So, you turn it up for dark scenes and it is blinding bright at the bright scenes. There is very little happy medium. Add to that that the contrast ratio is only 5000:1, it makes it even harder to accomplish. I would be ok with that IF there were more than one custom settings, however, I have to recalibrate for every show/movie. Lastly, the colors don't pop off the screen like most other HDTVs. They are still good though. Those are the cons. The good news is that this TV has a great resolution. Very crisp. 120hz is the fastest you can get. No blu-ray player in the world refreshes faster despite there being 240-600hz tvs.The action is fluid. For sports and TV shows, it really excels. Skin tones can be good, blues and greens are nice, while red seems overdriven.(once again, there is lack of adjustability in individual colors) Synopsis; I wouldn't hesitate to buy this TV again for under $800, but not $900 Just like I would buy a brand new russian car if it was only $3000, just because it's so much cheaper.

06/20/2011 10:28

Is there a way to adjust the refresher mode from 60hz to 120hz?

06/02/2011 09:32

It's to bad forums can't be screened for idiots. A majority of your "cons" are nonsense or unsubstainiated. For example:

- contrast ratio - smaller tv's??? you're comparing apples to oranges
- "heavy" it weighs the same as other tvs that size. see the Sharp 60" for example
- doesn't meet Energy Star rating?? U determined that how??
- speakers sound flat - O.K. u can have an opiion
- limited picture quality settings?? same as any other tv I've seen



08/30/2011 05:14



09/13/2011 03:18

Fred, I actually find most of the const to be viable. Speakers are nearly 40% of what I look for in a TV. I have seen and heard enough HDTVs, and the speakers on here, going by the specs i have found elsewhere, the sound seems inadequate for a tv of this size.

Picture settings are important, and just because you have never seen a GOOD tv, doesnt mean EVERY tv has crappy settings.

Since it is not energy star approved, it does not meet their standards. simpel.

resolution/contrast ratio is a BIG turn off. It's a valid point.

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