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The SK Series is Westinghouse's entry level line of 720p televisions introduced in 2008.

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picture is bright and sharp, makes everything easy to watch

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inputs feel solid, and support a wide range of devices

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fast enough refresh to work well with gaming consoles

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sound quality is reasonably clear and loud, can understand what everyone is saying without making it too loud

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outputs to exterior audio systems are clean and free of distortion

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priced low enough to be accessible for most people, and often available at much lower than the original MSRP

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colors are prone to being overly vibrant, not very realistic

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The SK Series is Westinghouse's entry level line of 720p televisions introduced in 2008. These sets contain the standard features expected in this price range, including two HDMI inputs, differentiating themselves through lower budget pricing. Enhancements over previous offerings from the American manufacturer include improved specifications, and better picture/image mode customizations for greater flexibility. Westinghouse offers more advanced televisions with a native resolution of 1080p in the VK Series and TX Series.

  • 720p native resolution 
  • 1,200:1 contrast ratio
  • 10-watt speakers
  • Inputs: 2xHDMI, 1xComponent, 1xVGA, 1xS-Video, 2xComposite
  • Outputs: 1xRCA, 1xSPDIF Optical

Speakers - The speakers deserve special mention as they are more powerful than those found in competing sets. Westinghouse is intended for budget consumers and therefore the set is probably meant to deliver adequate sound experience without the need for a separate receiver and speaker setup.


Some models in the SK series contain a built-in front loading DVD player, so pay attention to the model numbers when shopping.

TVs with the built-in DVD player

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08/25/2008 07:25

I've reviewed the 26H730s. This is a low cost TV with a decent picture, however, the TV does not compare to comparably sized Sharp or Samsung. Video quality is average rated at about a 6 on a scale of 10. Angled viewing is not great especially vertical angles. Backlight is bright and leaves blue/purple hues to many dark scenes. Audio is the big problem with this TV. Constant loud "Hiss" out of the speakers except when muted. Most notable at low volume levels like when watching at night. Very, Very annoying. Sounds like they used a very cheap audio component for this TV. Audio pops on turn on and off and the contstant background hiss will be found very annoying to most. I would rate the audio 2 out of 10. Case and looks are nice. Thin bezel and modern styling - would rate stying an 8 out of 10. Inputs - NO S VIDEO on this tv. If you plan on using s-video connection then you must buy another tv. Otherwise, I/O are fine with hdmi, component video, etc. Overall score for this tv would be a combined 4 out of 10. Not great but not too terrible excpet for audio. Price is good and if you are looking for a low end occasional use only HDTV then I guess it is O.K. but the audio is a big problem. You are much better of spending an extra $100 and getting a sharp or samsung both of which are rate much higher than this tv.

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