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The WD Caviar Black is a high-performance internal hard drive from Western Digital.

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great overall value

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high IO and access performance compared to competing drives

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great option for media manipulation storage - higher performance while maintaining storage capacity

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fast enough for the majority of consumers

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available in capacities up to 2TB - great for storing a lot of media as well as larger applications and games

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ideal for single drive computers - mixes both high capacity with good performance

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affordable price point compared to 10k rpm drives - while holding its own in key benchmarks

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fails in performance next to ever more affordable SSDs

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hotter and louder than average drives - due to the performance above all else design

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hotter and louder than faster spinning and higher performing 10k consumer drives

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The WD Caviar Black is a high-performance internal hard drive from Western Digital. This drive is available in numerous capacities ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB. All WD Caviar Black hard drives operate at 7200 RPM, allowing data to be accessed transferred at a max of 3 GB/s over one SATA II connection. The Caviar Black is aimed at users who use power computing applications such as multimedia, video, photo editing and games. Key performance features include a dual processor and 64 MB of cache in order to maximize throughput performance. Architectural features include dual actuator technology, “StableTrac” and “NoTouch” ramp load technology. All of these features help with read/write accuracy by keeping the disk vibration-free and the recording head from wearing down the drive platters. The WD Caviar Black comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

  • Size: 3.5”
  • Capacities: 1 TB, 2 TGB, 750 GB, 640 GB, 500 GB
  • Speed: 7200 RPM
  • Interface: SATA 3GB/s
  • Dual processor
  • 64 MB cache
  • Dual actuator technology
  • StableTrac anti-vibration stabilization
  • NoTouch ramp load technology
  • 5 year limited warranty
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