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Built to WD's highest standards of quality and reliability, WD Blue offers the features and entry-level capacities that are ideal for your computing needs. WD Blue is designed by the brand that you trust with the quality you would expect for a tested, proven, everyday storage solution.

WD Blue storage is designed and manufactured with technology found in WD's original award-winning desktop and mobile hard drives. WD Blue sets the baseline for everyday storage by consistently delivering improved performance over previous generations while successfully maintaining WD's quality and reliability for over six generations. The difference is that our colors never fade, generation after generation.

WD Blue is available in a broad range of entry-level capacities, cache sizes, form factors and interfaces so you can be sure there's a drive that's the perfect fit for your system. However, not all hard drives are created equally and for your applications that demand more, WD gives you the power of choice.

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Drive with confidence
We perform tests on hundreds of systems, configurations, and a multitude of platforms in our FIT Lab to give our customers the confidence that our drives will work in their systems for the ultimate compatibility. WD Blue allows you to use our drive with confidence, knowing that our storage advancements such as NoTouch Ramp Load technology are proven and reliable everyday solutions.

NoTouch Ramp Load technology
The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit.

SATA or PATA, the choice is yours
While SATA has become the industry standard interface, WD continues to manufacture desktop drives with a PATA interface for unique or legacy systems.

Upgrading your drive is easy
WD Acronis TrueImage, available as a free download on the WD Support site, enables you to copy all your data to a new drive so you don't have to reinstall your operating system to get all the benefits of a new drive.

The WD advantage 
WD puts our products through extensive Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T.) prior to any product launch. On average, each new product goes through 600,000 hours of testing. WD also has a detailed Knowledge Base with more than 1,000 helpful articles. You can also call toll-free support 7 days per week in the U.S. and Canada. See the WD Support site for full details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which 1 TB hard disk you recomend between the Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX or the Seagate Barracuda ST1000?

    They are both very good drives., and have the same 2 year warranty. About the only difference that I know of, is that the seagate drive is said to be an "energy saving" drive, where the western digital is said to be designed as a primary drive. If your going to use it as a storage only drive, and not for an operating system, then either one would be great. If you are going to load an operating system, I'd say go with the western digital. Unless one is way cheaper than the other.

  • Will the platters and internals be exposed?

    No, they will be covered in its own case. They simply show it that way (opened) in the picture.

  • Can a novice install this drive?

    Yes, this a straight forward process plug n play.

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Ideal For

  • Family and business computing
  • Adding storage in desktop PCs or external drives
  • Adding extra storage space for photos, videos and music
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