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The ultimate in child comfort and safety, a unique carrying position and adjustable foot cups, a padded shoulder harness.

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The ultimate in child and comfort and safety, the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo child bike seat offers all the features of WeeRide's popular Kangaroo carrier--including a unique carrying position and adjustable foot cups--but ups the ante by adding ultra-thick padding on the seat and back and a padded shoulder harness. As a result, your child will be more secure and comfortable than ever while you ride across the countryside or to the grocery store. The LTD Kangaroo is an unusual child bike seat because it doesn't sit behind the bike saddle, as with most carriers, but in front of the rider. This puts your child in a safer position, where you can easily take note if he or she is upset.

The deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system, meanwhile, will keep your child secure while giving him or her a much better view of the road and surrounding activities. Perhaps the subtlest yet most convenient feature, however, is the enhanced weight distribution, which keeps you from wavering while navigating corners or hitting bumps. The LTD Kangaroo bike seat--the plushest carrier that WeeRide makes--carries a two-year warranty.

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  • Made in USA
  • Unique front-position child bike seat with ultra-thick seat and back padding
  • Installs in front of the bike saddle to put your child in a comfortable, safe position (mounting bar included)
  • Deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system for maximum safety
  • Distributes weight evenly for added stability when navigating corners
  • Adjustable foot holders and plush headrest; installs easily on most bikes
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It doesn't look like there is a bar for the child to hold onto. Is there someplace for the child to put his hands or otherwise hold on?

    Yes, there is a padded support in front of the seat. My daughter wraps her hands around the front of it. She has been able to hold on this way from about 6 months.

  • Does it get in our way when you are peddling?

    Your knees definitely swing out a little wider than normal, but I find it doesn't impede on my ability to ride the bike it's on (which is a beach cruiser).

  • Will this work on a ladies cruiser style bike?

    Yes, there is a straight bar that attaches from your seat post to the steering column. You would need to practice dismounting the bike by swinging your legs behind you instead of stepping forward, unless you are tall enough to reach the ground while over the seat.

  • What if I want to switch the carrier between two different bicycles?

    An additional mounting bar is available separately. You can mount it to the other bike and switch the carrier at will.

  • Will I have to alter my cycling position or pedal stroke when using the child carrier?

    Yes, but the alteration is minimal. It's not a tremendous alteration of your cycling, but you will have to pedal with your knees slightly more apart than usual to avoid hitting the seat. For the short recreational trips you are taking with your child, this will be a very minor inconvenience in comparison to the quality time spent with them. If you are going for a long training ride you wouldn't want to subject your child to that, so the seat is easily removed for those rides.

  • What is the maximum height for passengers?

    This is also dependent upon the height of the adult piloting the bicycle, obviously the rider needs to see over and reach around the passenger. A good way to judge the height of the passenger is to sit him or her on a bench and have the adult sit directly behind them. If the adult can see over and reach around the child, you should be fine on the bike.

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