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Includes indoor panel antenna, outside wide band antenna and two lengths of coax cable.

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Dynamic gain indoor wireless signal booster kit. Includes indoor panel antenna, outside wide band antenna and two lengths of coax cable.

Whether you’re streaming movies, checking email or making a call, the Connect 4G gives you a stronger, more reliable signal where you need it most. The weBoost Connect 4G cellular signal booster is your effective solution for delivery of a strong, reliable and consistent cell signal in your entire home.

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  • Improved indoor cellular voice and data signal.
  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections.
  • Faster data downloads.
  • Longer battery life for cellular devices.
  • Boosts cell signal -- including 4G LTE -- for all major U.S. and Canadian cell carriers.
  • Stronger cellular signal throughout your home
  • Boosts signal for multiple cellular devices simultaneously
  • Works with all cellular devices
  • Extends battery life of your cellular devices
  • All needed components included in kit
  • DIY installation
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Who Needs This?

weBoost brings you seamless, uninterrupted cellular connectivity throughout your home or workspace. Your cell phone is an essential part of your life. You depend on it to stay connected to everything important - family, friends, work. The Connect 4G comfortably handles multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers, providing effortless voice and data communications for all users.

The Connect 4G works especially well in today’s homes that feature modern, energy efficient construction techniques known for their tendency to weaken cellular signal as it enters your home. Best of all, installation is straightforward and can be completed with normal household tools. No special tuning or alignment is required.

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What’s in the Box?

  • Connect 4G and Power Supply - Connect 4G amplifies signals to improve coverage — including 4G data — no matter your cellular carrier in the United States and Canada.
  • Outside Antenna and Cable - The outside antenna should be placed in the area of your best signal. It may be mounted outside on a roof or wall.
  • Inside Panel Antenna and Cable - The inside panel antenna can be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling in the center of the home or room, or where inside signal is weak.
  • Two-year product warranty.
  • 30-Day money back guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It boosts LTE signal, but see nothing about xLTE. Does it boost xLTE as well?

    The good news is that we currently offer a variety of products that already cover Verizon's XLTE network. We currently offer a line of 4G boosters for both vehicles and buildings. Any of these 4G products would be compatible with the XLTE network.

  • Do you think this would get me reception in an RV in more remote areas where signals are weak?

    As long as there is a signal outside the RV, then yes. The outdoor antenna needs to be pointed towards the nearest cell tower and must have signal to amplify and retransmit through indoor antenna.

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