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VTech's 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter is an exciting interactive learning toy that transforms as your child grows.

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VTech's 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter is an exciting interactive learning toy that transforms as your child grows. This lightweight scooter converts from a push-walker for children 18 months and older to a ride-on roller for children 24 months and older to a stand-on scooter for children 36 months and older up to 45 pounds in weight. With its flashy light-up mane, brightly colored basket filled with accessories, and lively sounds and noises, this Zebra Scooter makes learning a fun and dynamic activity.

Other features, such as the horn and smile buttons, six familiar children's melodies, and two sing-along songs, encourage active play and the development of dexterity and listening skills by captivating the attention and imagination of young children.

Although this Zebra Scooter is designed to durably withstand normal wear-and-tear sustained during fun, physical play, adult supervision is recommended to ensure that play on and around the Zebra Scooter is safe, especially in the push-toy mode.

All necessary parts of the Zebra Scooter are included in the box and require only a small amount of effort by an adult to assemble using a Phillips screwdriver. Once the Zebra Scooter is fully assembled, the conversion from push-walker to sit-on scooter can be done easily by changing the position of the seat from an angled position to a horizontal seating position. It's just as easy to convert from sit-on scooter to stand-on scooter: the seat flips up to become the scooter handle, and the storage compartment underneath becomes the floor runner.

Colorful indicators on the scooter provide guidance to indicate where releases and locks are located and informational diagrams are embossed directly on the body of the Zebra Scooter to provide additional cues for easy conversion.

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  • Grow-with-me kids ride on toy converts from a baby push walker, to a sit and ride push bicycle, to ride-on push scooter; intended for children 1 to 3 years old
  • Ride on toy for toddlers teaches colors, animals and destinations; includes walkie-talkie, compass, flashlight, and horn buttons
  • Push toy comes with 90+ sing-along songs, melodies, fun phrases and sound effects; toy baby scooter has a wide sturdy base
  • Educational baby toy draws attention to play with auditory stimulation; scooter for kids stimulates all of your child's senses
  • Outdoor toddler toy features 5 light-up buttons that make sounds when pushed and an electronic horn; operates on 2 included AA batteries
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What's in the Box

Unassembled 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter parts, assembly hardware, two AA batteries, three play accessories, user's manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the flashlight etc work or are they just ornaments?

    No, they flash when the proper buttons are pushed.

  • After assemble the toy into the scooter position, can it be changed back to the other positions?


  • How high is the seat from the ground?

    8-10 inches.

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