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Features a color changing screen, letter buttons and piano keyboard; role-play kids electronic toy encourages electronic play.

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Join Cody The Smart Cub for tons of learning fun with the Little Apps Tablet by VTech! With a color-changing screen, letter buttons and piano keyboard, this role-play, electronic tablet engages your child in imaginative play. The Little Apps Tablet teaches letters, counting, number order, matching and so much more! The Little Apps Tablet by VTech encourages children to play like mom or dad with their very own tablet. Cody The Smart Cub takes your child on learning adventures with vivid animations, sound effects and a color-changing screen. This fun kids' learning tablet teaches your child counting, words, letters, basic math and more through eight activities with progressive learning levels. Enhance music skills and create musical tunes with the built-in keyboard. Parent-friendly features like volume control, a durable design and automatic shut off make this role-play, electronic tablet great for portable learning anywhere. Get ready for learning fun with Cody The Smart Cub!

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  • Baby tablet features a color changing screen, letter buttons and piano keyboard; role-play kids electronic toy encourages electronic play
  • Kids tablet toy teaches letters, counting, number order, and matching; educational toy has 12 learning activities with progressive learning levels
  • Interactive toy laptop interface allows your child to interact with Cody the Smart Cub in activities featuring the piano, pretend camera, and calendar
  • Parent friendly baby tablet features include volume control and automatic shut-off to save battery
  • Toddler learning toy is intended for kids 2 to 5 years old; 2 AA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this compare to the Leapfrog laptop for a 16 months old kid?

    The keys of VTech tablet are difficult for little fingers to press and the activities are a bit complex, Leapfrog laptop which has raised keys, a larger screen, and simpler activities. The alphabet program gives a letter, makes its sound and gives an example of a word that starts with it. The Older kids will more enjoy VTech tablet.

  • Is it a back lighted screen?

    Yes, it's backlighted and the color can change backlight colors.

  • Are the buttons flat or raised?

    The piano keys are separate raised buttons; the rest of the tablet is one smooth surface and the keys are just slightly raised.

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