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Play and talk on the phone just like mom and dad with the Call & Chat Learning Phone by VTech.

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Play and talk on the phone just like mom and dad with the Call & Chat Learning Phone by VTech. Learn with 10 games and apps that feature letters, numbers, time concepts and more on your very first smart phone. With customizable features your child will enjoy, pick up the Call & Chat Learning phone and pick up the fun. Make a real phone book by entering up to 5 phone numbers. Personalize your toy phone and choose from 5 ringtones. Plus, with voice activation your little one can chat with a friendly bird or pretend to call friends and family. Get talking and learning with the VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone.

Also features 15 App buttons plus a special Chat button and a fun, chatty Parrot character who guides you through the activities and games. Among the App buttons, select from one of five different contacts to call (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Friend) and engage in pretend phone fun. You can even input and save their real phone numbers. Select the Chat button and use real voice activation technology to engage in an interactive chat with the Parrot. He'll ask you questions and respond to your voice inputs. Other Apps teach letters, numbers, and counting. There is also a Clock App for learning time concepts, a picture gallery, a music mode, and a fun game app. 

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  • 15 App buttons
  • Kids smart phone features 10 realistic phone apps including music, clock, photos and games; kids can play and talk just like mom and dad
  • Kids pretend phones allows for a pretend phonebook; add and store up to 5 family or friend numbers that you can pretend to call
  • Pre-K learning toy teaches numbers, letters and time concepts with fun apps and games; personalize with 5 different ring tones
  • Voice activation allows toddlers to talk with a friendly animated bird on the pretend phone screen
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this smart phone just for babies or can older children play and learn from it?

    Would be good for 3 or 4 year olds too.

  • Is it really loud?

    It's not super loud and you can adjust the volume.

  • What kind of and how many batteries does it require?

    It takes 2AAA Batteries

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