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The VTech CS6229 is an ENERGY STAR cordless handset base unit featuring a digital answering machine and Caller ID.

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easy to set up

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uses quality NiMH batteries (no memory)

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digital encryption to make eavesdropping impossible

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affordable price

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good battery life

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can be expanded by purchasing up to 12 additional handsets

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built-in digital answering machine

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great reception

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backlit number pad for use in low light

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intercom functionality

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DECT 6.0 - does not further crowd the 2.4 or 5.4GHz bands (leads to clearer calls, fewer issues with other devices which utilize those bands)

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whatever is saved on one handset is automatically saved to all handsets

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phone does not have very good grip, quite slippery

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13 minutes of recording time may be too limited depending on usage and storage preferences

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50 name / number directory may be too small

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The VTech CS6229 is an ENERGY STAR cordless handset base unit featuring a digital answering machine and Caller ID. It is expandable by up to 12 CS6209 accessory handsets. It functions as the base and in fact requires only one phone-jack connection. It’s based off of DECT 6.0 technology, which delivers a superior frequency (versus 2.4/5.4GHz) for enhanced sound, range, and security. Plus, the set boasts a bevy of convenience features: conference with an outside call between handsets; intercom between handsets; and even the ability to transfer calls between handsets. Additional features of the VTech CS6229 include digital security, Wi-Fi compliance (no interference), and a pager/handset-locator.

  • 100% RoHS compliant
  • Cordless Base Unit (Expandable by 12)
  • Digital Answering Machine
  • Caller ID w/Space for 50 Entries
  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • Handset Speakerphone
  • Intercom
  • Digital Security
  • Conference Calls
  • WiFi/Hearing-Aid Friendly
  • Wall Mountable
  • Pager/Handset-Locator
  • 9-Number Speed Dial
  • Any Key Answer
  • Backlit Keypad & Display
  • Handset Volume Control
  • Last Number Redial
  • Selectable Ring Tones
  • Trilingual Prompts
  • Remote Message Retrieval
Model Variations
  • VTech CS6229 | White/Black (One Handset)
  • VTech CS6229-2 | White/Black (Two Handsets)
  • VTech CS6229-3 | White/Black (Three Handsets)
  • VTech CS6229-4 | White/Black (Four Handsets)
  • VTech CS6229-5 | White/Black (Five Handsets)
Post Review
07/08/2011 12:50

I am trying to use two separate phones with two separate phone numbers in the same household. I already had a a two extension phone (CS6229-2) with a particular phone number. I got another land line phone number and want to use ANOTHER set of vtech (VTech CS6229-4). Will this work or would they interfere with each other?

Eric Kreitzer
10/05/2009 04:30

This is useless to me. The old model can take a handset and this one HAS NO HANDSET JACK. Am returning it and getting something else and am annoyed that they removed a feature of the older model that I liked.

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