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The Volkl Unlimited AC30 is an upper mid-cost all-condition frontside ski.

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good carving ability on groomers and hardpack

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can make easy tight turns, great edge

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great floatation over deep powder

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smooth ride, plows through crud and manages bumps fine

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all-mountain ski, works everywhere in a range of conditions

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stay stable at high speeds, no chatter at the front or back

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priced higher than most skis in the same class

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The Volkl Unlimited AC30 is an upper mid-cost all-condition frontside ski. This ski is geared toward advanced to expert skiers. The 124-80-107 sidecut of the Unlimited AC30 gives you lots of turning ability. The layer of spring steel beneath the core of this ski offers stability. This ski is a step up from the lower cost Unlimited AC20 model in that it has iPT Wideride bindings (which are wider, more secure, and lighter weight than other binding systems), Extended Double Grip (which gives you more height on the edges, for consistent pressure distribution), and an Extended Wood Core (which is a full-length wood core sitting beneath the Extended Double Grip chambers, for a more forgiving feel). However, it lacks the higher cost Unlimited AC50's titanium reinforcements (which give you more control at high speeds), and Extended Sensorwood Core (which offers a more responsive feel throughout the ski). There are size options available for the Volkl Unlimited AC30 all-condition ski.

  • Size options
  • 124-80-107 sidecut
  • iPT Wideride 12.0 D ski/binding system
  • All-condition design
  • Spring Steel layer
  • Size options
  • Color: Red/White
  • Extended Wood Core
  • Extended Double Grip
Size Options
  • 156 - 13.6 radius
  • 163 - 15.1 radius
  • 170 - 16.7 radius
  • 177 - 18.4 radius
  • 184 - 20.2 radius


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