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The Volkl Tigershark 11 Foot Powerswitch is a high end frontside ski, a flagship offering.

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good carving ability on all kinds of surfaces

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smooth ride overall, plows right through crud

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versatile design with the switch to offer hard control or flexibility, depending on conditions

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good enough grip and control you can take it through the trees

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run very stable, no vibration or bouncing

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can handle heavy landings without any problems, no cracks or chips

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floats across deep powder without a problem

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The Volkl Tigershark 11 Foot Powerswitch is a high end frontside ski, a flagship offering. This model is designed for expert skiers. The Extended Double Grip design of the Tigershark 11 Foot Powerswitch, a feature that all three Tigershark models have, places more material in support of the ski's edges than traditional skis, and so offers more edge control. The Extended Sensorwood core of this ski (another shared feature) offers a precise feel. The Triple Pivot Comfort toe of the Tigershark 11 Foot Powerswitch gives more power transmission than previous models. This ski differs from the lower-cost Tigershark 10 Foot in that it is geared only toward expert skiers (as opposed to advanced and expert skiers), has a 121-75-104 sidecutĀ  (as opposed to the Tigershark 10 Foot's 121-73-102 sidecut), and has the Powerswitch feature. The Powerswitch feature allows you to compress or relax to carbon fiber rods in the ski's core, altering the ski's responsiveness. There are three performance modes for the Powerswitch feature: Cruise (with compression released), Dynamic (with the system half activated), and Power (the highest level of response). There are size options available for the Volkl Tigershark 11 Foot Powerswitch frontside ski.

  • Size options
  • 121-75-104 sidecut
  • Expert skiers
  • Color: Gray/Red
  • Extended Double Grip
  • Extended Sensorwood core
  • Motion iPT bindings
  • Triple Pivot Comfort Toe
  • Twincam heel
  • Titanium design
Size Options
  • 161 - 13.8 radius
  • 168 - 15.2 radius
  • 175 - 16.8 radius
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