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The Vizio VBR122 is a Blu-ray player with wireless Internet Apps.

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Blu-ray playback quality is comparable to more expensive competing models.

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Built-in WiFi for hassle-free internet connectivity.

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Supports the latest 7.1-channel sound setups with Dolby sound enhancement.

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One HDMI output to the TV. No clutter of wires

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Well-priced for a Blu-ray player with these specs.

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Works well with Netflix.

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Occasionally freezes up, requiring an unplug and replug to work properly again.

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Blu-ray load time is on the slow side.

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 The Vizio VBR122 is a Blu-ray player with wireless Internet Apps.  The player is equipped with 1080p full HD and Internet TV and is recommend for home entertainment systems with a 40" screen HDTV or larger. The surround sound Vizio VBR122 player can accommodate both Blu-ray and DVD discs with a single HDMI connected to the TV.  This allows audio and video to play at its optimal performance without the clutter of extra wires.  Internet Apps offers Internet TV even without TV-enabled set-ups.  The built in Wi-Fi and two-sided remote with full QWERTY keypad gains easy access to Netflix, VUDU, HuluPlus, NBA Game Time, Pandora and more including movies, music and games. This product's successor, the Vizio VBR133 includes 3D capabilities to its current features.  

  •  Full High Definition Experience
  • Internet TV with or without Internet-enabled set-up
  • Built-In wireless (Wi-Fi) 
  • Vizio Internet Apps
  • Full QWERTY keypad
  • Plays both Blu-ray and DVD discs
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Play all movies with one convenient HDMI connected to the TV
  • Includes one-year limited warranty 



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