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The Vizio VSG102 is a pair of 3D glasses, made for use with VIZIO Full HD 3D TVs.

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Can be charged natively with any Vizio 3D television - great incentive for users who already own a Vizio product

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Fantastic quality - 3D image reproduction is bold, clear and vivid

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Oversized nature is great for those who wear prescription glasses - fits comfortably overtop of existing eyewear

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Lacks foldability - makes unit harder to store and more susceptible to damage

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Considerably heavier than the units supplied in movie theaters - some users may have a difficult time getting through a full-length film

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TV synchronization is hit and miss - often requires multiple attempts to establish a successful connection

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Not compatible with small children - sure to cause frustration amongst users who have purchased 3D movies specifically for their kids

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The Vizio VSG102 is a pair of 3D glasses, made for use with VIZIO Full HD 3D TVs. These glasses utilize active shutter technology (so that each lens has a liquid crystal layer), and are comfortable enough to be universally worn even over glasses. Vizio recommends that for best use you should sit between 6 and 20 feet away from your television. Once your 3D content is ready you simply have to press the Power button on the glasses (they will darken once they link to the TV) and your good to go. They use rechargeable batteries (uses a dual USB-charging cable) which can last up to 24 hours between charges. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge these glasses from dead to fully charged.

  • Glasses - Bridge Width: 52"
  • Glasses - Lens Width: 2.44"
  • Glasses - Earpiece Length: 5.92"
  • 3D Type:Active, shutter glasses
  • Contrast:2,500:1
  • IR Range:Up to 20 feet
  • Battery Life:Up to 24hrs (continuous)
  • USB Charge Time:3 hours
  • Certifications:FCC, CE, UL (Power Adapter)
  • Compliances:UL, FCC, IC, BQB
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