The difference between the Razor LEDs and the TruLED lighting is literally the output brightness level.

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The Vizio XVT3D425KP is a 42" high-end LCD television equipped with top and bottom TruLED back-lighting, which is nearly identical in function to Vizio's Razor LED series. The difference between the Razor LEDs and the TruLED lighting is literally the output brightness level.

The Vizio XVT3D425KP individually includes a 480SPS Smooth Motion response rate (which is double compared to the lower series models), HDMI 1.4a inputs (5), dual band 802.11 wireless support, integrated Vizio internet apps, a Bluetooth enabled QWERTY remote control, and full SRS audio support. In addition the XVT3D425KP has a native resolution of 1080p (full HD), and includes a total of four pairs of 3D glasses bundled with the television.

What specifically sets the XVT3D425KP model apart from the other Razor models is the increased dynamic contrast ratio, rated at 20 million to 1, which is the highest available rating in the entire series. The XVT3D425KP also features an increased response rate, an extra HDMI (1.4a) input, and dual band Wireless support (lower models support single band).

The integrated 3D technology means with proper use of the included peripherals (glasses) shows and movies on the television can be viewed in 3D formats. The television does of course have to be entered into 3D mode through the settings and the media being played MUST support 3D programming.

  • 42" LED LCD HDTV
  • Full 3D Technology
    • Includes 4 3D Conversion Glasses
  • TruLED Type Top and Bottom Screen LEDs
    • Brighter and Clearer than Razor Type
  • Smart Dimming Technology
  • 20,000:000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio (Nearly Double Lower End Models)
  • 480 SPS Smooth Motion Frame Rate
  • HDMI 1.4a Inputs (5 Total)
  • Integrated Dual Band 802.11 Wireless Support
  • Bluetooth Enabled QWERTY Remote Control
  • Full HD (1080p) Native Resolution
  • SRS Audio Functionality
  • Integrated Media Software
    • Vizio Internet Applications and Related Marketplace
    • On Demand Media and Entertainment
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