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The Vizio VW26LHDTV20F is a low cost LCD television.

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picture can be extremely bright if you want, perfect for sunlit rooms

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good volume through the built-in speakers, can get loud if you want

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sound output through the headphone connection is perfect, sounds great

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works for years at a time with no issues at all, good and reliable

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even though there's no direct 1080p support, it works with that content just fine

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very easy to set up, don't really need the instructions at all

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sound is a bit washed out, tend to have to turn it up to understand the actors

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The Vizio VW26LHDTV20F is a low cost LCD television. It supports a number of high definition standards from 480i to 1080i, but does not support 1080p. The native panel resolution is 1366x768, which is viewable for both PC input and digital video signals. An integrated NTSC, ATSC and QAM tuner allows for direct feed of these high definition signals to the television without the need for an external decoder, and a wide variety of inputs are available. The bright 500 cd/m2 display is viewable at an angle of 160 degrees (vertical and horizontal), allowing it to work in a wide variety of room layouts. A headphone output is available, and a SPDIF Digital Optical output makes it possible to connect an external digital audio receiver.

  • 26 in LCD HDTV
  • 480i (SDTV), 480P (EDTV), 720P (HDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
  • Native Panel Resolution: 1366x768
  • Computer support: 1366x768, 1024x768, 800x600
  • Integrated NTSC/ATSC/QAM HDTV Tuner
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • 160 deg viewing angle (horiz / vert)
  • 8ms Response Time
  • HDMI, Component YPbPr, Composite, S-Video, Computer RGB inputs
  • SPDIF Digital Optical, Headphone outputs
  • Removable base for wall mounting
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