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The Vizio VW26L is a basic 26 inch LCD display that can handle high definition signals.

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Initial setup is very simple - "plug-and-play"-style configuration requires little to no electronics knowledge

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Integrated TV tuner is surprisingly powerful - consistently discovers channels beyond service area and groups results for simple navigation

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Picture quality is relatively good for the price point - ported HD content (720p) is vivid and clear

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Built-in speakers provide thin, low-quality sound - external sound system is highly recommended

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May stretch/compress picture depending on channel and content type - screen optimization requires extensive settings adjustment

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Lack of outputs can be frustrating for gamers - A/V connectivity must be run through a separate unit and signal-split from console configurations

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The Vizio VW26L is a basic 26 inch LCD display that can handle high definition signals. It includes an integrated HD television tuner, cutting down on the number of extra boxes and cables you'll need to get it to work. HD standards supported are 480i, 480P, 720p and 1080i. It has a native resolution of 1366x768 and a 700:1 contrast ratio, which puts it in the lower range of HD displays.

This display is viewable at up to a 160 degree angle, and displays up to 16.7 million colors. A wide variety of inputs are accepted, including several HDTV inputs and a PC input. While acting as a computer monitor, the display can handle a number of standard resolutions and has a 60Hz refresh rate.

  • 26in diagonal
  • LCD display
  • 1366 x 768 native resolution
  • 160 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Integrated ATSC/QAM/NTSC television tuner 
  • 480i, 480P, 720p, 1080i supported
  • 16.7 million colors
  • 1366 x 768, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 resolutions for PC use
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • 8ms response time
  • HDMI, RF, Component YPbPr, S-Video, Computer RGB inputs
  • Headphone output
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in 3 Watt speakers
  • 85W average power consumption
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