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The Vizio VT420M is found near the top of the line 42 inch LCD television set offered by Vizio.

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build quality is solid and its easy to set up

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picture quality is sharp and clear, great detail

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nice color on the finish that isn't the same boring black everyone uses

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fast-moving sports and movies are rendered sharply without any blur

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fast enough response for gaming consoles, no lag

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remote control needs to be close and pointed directly at the right spot

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menus take a long time to render and respond

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speakers are very weak and the audio level is hard to keep steady

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The Vizio VT420M is found near the top of the line 42 inch LCD television set offered by Vizio. It comes with Vizio's high end technology for picture and sound quality, energy saving and style. The 1080p Full HD technology, 120 Hz processing and Smooth Motion technology ensures that the HD image is at its best by reducing judder while the SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround sustain the ideal sound. The TruVolume technology monitors and adjusts the volume so that the viewer does not have to change the volume if the program fluxuates and the TruSurround offers three built in speakers for a home theatre feel. The VT420M also has a Media Features USB Port so the user can easily access their personal media such as music and photos. The EcoHD reduces both active and standby power and exceeds the current minimum 3.0 ENERGY STAR TV requirments by 15% to save energy and money on utility bills. This set has the Java brown finish to give it a stylish look in any room. The Vizio VT420M is for anyone looking for high end technology at a lower price. 

  • 1080p Full HD Technology
  • SRS TruVolume
  • SRS TruSurround
  • Smooth Motion Technology
  • EcoHD
  • 120 Hz Processing
  • USB Port
  • Java Brown Finish
  • 20 000:1 Contrast Ratio
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