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The VP505XVT is Vizio's flagship plasma model introduced in the summer of 2008 and features a native 1080p resolution.

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The VP505XVT is Vizio's flagship plasma model introduced in the summer of 2008 and features a native 1080p resolution. Vizio also includes advanced audio and video processing capabilities inside the television itself which removes the need for extra components to maximize the home theater experience. The built-in TruSurround XT audio processing engine decodes 5.1 audio and will output the sound through the television's speakers. With an optional wireless audio kit that adds two rear speakers and a subwoofer the VP505XVT will output the all six channels. On the video side the Silicon Optix REON processor is one of the best video processing chips available to consumers with the VP505XVT as one of the first televisions to include one built in.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 5ms response time
  • built-in 5.1 audio decoding
  • built-in Silicon Optix REON processor for upconverting standard definition content
  • Digital-TV compliant tuners
  • 100,000 hour panel life
  • 1200 cd/m2 brightness
  • 2:2 pull-down conversion
  • Inputs: HDMI x 4, Component x 2, Composite x 2, S-Video x 1, VGA x 1

Silicon Optix HQV REON processor - the REON processor performs image cleanup functions such as reducing noise and artifacts that can be present in digital signals. The processor can also upscale standard definition images to full 1080p resolution, and has the power to process two signals at once allowing for both picture-in-picture images to be full resolution.

2:2 reverse pulldown - this indicates that the television can display 24p film content from sources such as Blu-Ray players without doing any extra processing reducing the amount of display artifacts.

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11/14/2008 07:23

Available now on! I've been thinking about this for awhile. Hoping to see it in retailers soon to make the final decision. Love my other Vizio models, so anxious to see how this is. Talked to their product people last week though and they did say that the sound is SRS trusurround HD, not XT so that is a big plus in my book!

10/12/2008 08:44

Been promised for months, and still not released. Call Vizio and customer service says another couple weeks and you'll see it...for the last 4 months! Could be the biggest fable of all time, I'll believe it when I see it. Vizio lost a lot of street credit on this little puppy.

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