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The VP422 is part of Vizio's entry-level line of Plasma televisions and features a 720p native resolution.

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Very well priced

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Great price/performance ratio

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Lots of customizable options

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Poor upconverting abilities

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Black levels aren't very deep

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The VP422 is part of Vizio's entry-level line of Plasma televisions and features a 720p native resolution. The VP422, and VP322 are the second plasma sets that Vizio has released in their respective sizes and feature improved specifications and image quality. Vizio is marketing the VP422 towards the budget conscious crowd that wants to get into the HD market without breaking the bank on unnecessary features.

  • 720p native resolution
  • 8-bit panel
  • 1ms response time
  • 1,000 cd/m2 brightness
  • 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • panel life of 60,000
  • integrated tuner
  • 2x 10-watt speakers
  • Inputs: HDMI x3, Component x 1, Composite x 1, S-Video x 1, VGA x 1
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12/11/2008 03:17

Hello fellow shoppers. I will share my experience here for the 2nd time for the site shuts my computer down for some reason. A lot to type for some reason. Must mean this is a review to read and think about. I shopped long and hard to find this model TV around my area. Apparently of the 5 major distributors places the last place only had 1 do to so many returns on this model. I should have seen it but it was my birthday gift and supposed to be here for the football and holiday season for family and friends to gather and enjoy. The price seemed too good to be true. It was! I bought the TV on 10/6 and by 11/3 its audio and video had no longer felt the need to work. The tech support through 5 basic questions determined it to be the motherboard that failed in less that a months time. They shipped the new board to the local technician taking about a week and then another few days to set the visit to repair on location. The tech schedule to come and apparently the 4-5 question test was not so accurate at trouble shooting a faulty TV and the part was not the problem. The customer support is very nice and prompt about calling and responding but I have owned the TV longer broken now then working after staring at this decoration as the football and holiday season pass before the me. So remember to shop smart this holiday season. By the way the newest update is another week or so to bring the replacement TV. Remember a company that Doesn't sell reputation Doesn't have anything worth buying. Good luck fellow shoppers.

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