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The LED also gives faster response times and higher color saturation giving an overall better picture.

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SRS Labs' TruVolume HD limits extreme volume fluctuation (between channels or during commercials)

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large screen size

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built in noise/artifact reduction

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LED backlit - less power consumption, better blacks and higher contrast/brightness

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1080p, 240Hz

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offers fewer picture controls than other high-end HDTVs

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Below average shadow detail when compared to other TVs

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The Vizio VF551XVT1A is a 55" LED-Backlit LCD television with integrated soundbar that is designed to be affordable for the average consumer. The LED-Backlit LCD technology is able to produce darker darks, with a Mega Dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 with local dimming. The LED also gives faster response times and higher color saturation giving an overall better picture. This model has a 240Hz refresh rate scanning backlight and VIZIO Smooth Motion II technology which removes motion blur in fast-paced action sequences giving a flawless video performance.

The Advanced Glare Polarizer (AGP) provides up to 60% better contrast ratio in bright room environments without creating an overall haze as seen in previous anti-glare screens. Enhanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) gives a clearer pictures and truer colours even when sitting off-axis at a wide viewing angle. The advanced HD/SD noise reduction eliminates artifacts caused by signal compression used by cable and satellite providers. This is the largest televison offered by Vizio to have this technology. There are five HDMI inputs allowing many high definition units to be connected at once, with easy to access side game port. The USB port allows photo display, MP3 playback and even playback MPEG-2, H.264 & WMV9 1080p HD videos. As for audio, there is a speaker bar that delivers 30W of power through 2 speakers that is incorporated directly into the TV making this a easy and affordable home theater set-up directly out of the box. The soundbar features SRS TruSurround HD for an immersive surround sound, it is also one of the first products to utilize SRS Labs' TruVolume HD which prevents extreme volume fluctuations from channel changes or commercial breaks. The TruSurround incorportaes TruBass to optimize low frequencies and provide cleaner bass tones. SRS Dialog Enhancement ensures crisp and intelligible vocals, while Definition Control delivers maximum high-frequency realism and clarity. Vizio has kept the environment in mind and has kept the VF551XVT1A mercury free and uses Dynamic Power Control(DCP) which requres less power demand by 15% more than Energy Star 3.0 requirements, which can save up to $100 in electricity.

Television Features:
  • Size: 55" LED-Backlit LCD
  • Contrast: 1,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
  • VIZIO Smooth Motion II
  • Advanced Glare Polarizer
  • Enhanced In-Plane Switching
  • HDMI inputs: 5
  • Game Port: Yes
  • USB port
  • Mercury free
  • Energy Star 3.0 qualified
Audio Features:
  • Integrated Sound Bar
  • SRS TruSurround HD
  • SRS TruVolume HD
  • TruBass
  • Definition Control
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11/07/2011 09:27

me gusta

03/15/2009 01:58

Think I will like best the LED Backlit - Will purchase this set when it becomes available.

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