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It is a home theatre entertainment system found in the middle of the SV models below the 421XVT and above the 420M.

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color reproduction is realistic, capable of subtle shades and vibrant colors

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menu contains settings for everything, allows tweaking of the picture and audio to your exacting specifications

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sound is rich, detailed, and can be pretty loud when you want it to be

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enough HDMI inputs for anyone, won't need a receiver

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a snap to set up, very quick process and everything is obvious

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120Hz mode makes slow panning shots very smooth and clear

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menu system is a little awkward to navigate, takes a bit of getting used to

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120Hz mode doesn't help much with fast moving images, tends to put a halo around things

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The Vizio SV420XVT is a home theatre entertainment system found in the middle of the SV models below the 421XVT and above the 420M. This set offers full 1080P HD Resolution and 120Hz processing with Smooth Motion Technology which limits image vibration, setting it above other Vizio lines. The SV420XVT Vizio differs from the SV420M as it contains Extreme Vizio Technology which includes Smooth Motion, Smart Dimming and TruLED technology in to give the highest quality picture. It is similar to the SV421XVT, however this 421XVT has a 240Hz processor as opposed to the 120Hz found in the 420XVT. Vizio is well known for offering low to medium end televisions at competitive prices and with the introduction of the XVT series they have added high end features while maintaining their reasonable pricing. The SRSTruSurround offers a high quality surround sound experience from three speakers.The sound features and Extreme Vizio Technology of the SV420XVT separate it from its counterparts in the Vizio product lines making it a viable option for anyone looking for a high end televison at a reduced price.

  • XVT - Extreme Vizio Technology
  • Full 1080P HD Resolution
  • 120Hz Processing
  • Smooth Motion Video Technology
  • SRSTruSurround XT
  • 4x HDMI inputs
  • Integrated Digital/QAM television tuner
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