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Vizio develops a line of pretty decent HDTVs at arguably the best prices on the market.

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Many different inputs (2 HDMI, 2 Component, VGA)

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A lot of value for not much $$$

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Good black level reproduction for an LCD

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Visible edge enhancement that can't be bypassed

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No native support for 1080p resolution

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Vizio develops a line of pretty decent HDTVs at arguably the best prices on the market. The Vizio L42 is a 42" LCD HDTV that comes pretty loaded with inputs and features, good image quality, and is available for $1099 (compare to Sony's 40" Bravia LCD that goes for $2799). The L42 has 2 HDMI, 2 component, 1 VGA, as well as a bank of standard SD I/O. It also comes with a built-in ATSC (HD) tuner so you can watch all of those over the air HD channels available in your area. While this LCD may not be the top of the heap for quality, reviews demonstrate that it is at least adequate, and at that price point, this TV is difficult to beat.

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01/03/2009 02:04

Vizio suffers from the same slow tuner syndrome that most new TVs. It is a pathetic state of afairs when the ultrasonic remote controls of the 1960's could switch channels more than 4 times as fast as Vizio and similar TVs. I guess beauty is always skin deep.

05/09/2008 11:25

I think it's the VU42FL you're referring to. And that is a fantastic price for a 42" 1080p set. I have a 42" Westinghouse that is 720p that I got for $850. Couldn't be happier with it.

05/09/2008 10:58

Check out the Vizio VU42L with 1080p. I bought mine at Tiger Direct for $799 and it is stunning (refurbished).

03/04/2007 12:00

I saw this price online, and I can't believe how far LCD TV prices have come down. I bought a 30" Toshiba CRT HDTV a few years ago for about this price, and I would much rather have this beauty.

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