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The Vizio E371VA is a mid-range to high-end 37" LCD 1080p HDTV very similar to the Vizio E320VA.

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picture is flawless out of the box, needs no adjustment and shows fast-moving subjects without ghosting

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audio and video can fall out of sync

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known issue where the unit reboots itself spontaneously

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Volume jumps around quite a bit (not just during commercials) when using the HDMI connectors.

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lag from gaming consoles makes games unplayable

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audio is loud but low quality, forcing users to turn it up

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universal remotes often won't work correctly, even with the correct codes

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response to the remote can be slow for some functions (ex: unmuting)

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Vizio won't email you the update. They will only send via snail mail. So I took mine back. Don't buy, you may get my return.

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The Vizio E371VA is a mid-range to high-end 37" LCD 1080p HDTV very similar to the Vizio E320VA. Besides its superior size and native resolution, the E371VA boasts some important improvements over the E320VA, namely a 120Hz refresh rate and a photo viewing feature via USB. Otherwise, the E320VA and E371VA sport the same basic features, such as 4HDMI ports and an inbuilt ambient light sensor.

The E371VA's 120Hz refresh rate allows it to display faster movement much more clearly as it is capable of showing 120 frames per second, twice as many as standard televisions, resulting in a much clearer high definition experience. Its photo viewing feature allows for direct viewing of most standard image file types on the E371VA by way of a USB flash drive. Additionally, the E371VA's inbuilt ambient light sensor adjusts image brightness to adjust for lighting levels in the room, resulting in reduced power consumption and an optimal picture.



  • 37" LCD panel (1920 x 1080)
  • Dynamic contrast ratio: 50,000:1
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 RGB PC, 1 USB
  • Built-in ambient lighting sensor
  • USB photo viewing via flash drive
  • Energy Star 4.0 compliant
Post Review
02/25/2011 09:04

I just bought vizio e37via can't program the cable remote and the audio needs to be turn up alot.

02/17/2011 08:43

I think the audio being out of sync has to do with the smooth motion option. Try turning it off!

07/12/2010 12:50

VIZIO E371VA - My first LCD TV. I bought it at Costco June 9, 2010. ( Sun City, AZ) Assembled and attached it to my HD Cable box, 1st via Composite cable. Ran audio cables from the Cable box to my AV receiver. -1. Immediately noticed the sound was out of sync with the HD channels. Tried adjusting the distance for the front speakers via the AV receiver ( AV) which made no difference. Got my HDMI cables and an Audio Optical cable, thinking the TV's sound processor would be in sync with the picture. It varied by channel, but mostly, the AV sound was slightly ahead of the TV sound. VIZIO'S tech support suggestion: Unplug the TV, hold the on/off button for 30+ seconds, plug into a different outlet ( couldn't do that). No noticeable improvement. - 2. There was a slight delay when changing the cable box channel before the TV displayed the picture, maybe 1 second. It would initially show the new channel info at the bottom, then go blank for the 1+ second delay, and then the station would appear. I thought this could be normal operation for HD channels. It didn't seem to do this on SD channels, either through the cable box, or the direct cable connection to the TV. Then the TV might not acquire the new channel! Switching from one channel to another on the cable box, could occasionally lead to No Picture, no sound. Usually if I toggled back to the previous channel, then back to the non acquired channel, it would usually be displayed. - 3. During most HD channel viewing, usually early into acquiring the new channel, there would be a brief "spike" noise in the audio. Sometimes more than just 1. Annoying. - 4. Clincher: Watching the NASCAR race 7/10/2010. Suddenly the volume jumped, maybe doubled. The remote volume control had no effect, no muting, up or down volume. After about 30 seconds, the TV Shut Down and Rebooted! Showing the VIZIO Logo, and then bringing back the race channel like nothing happened. This occurred about every 45 minutes during the broadcast. This morning I was testing the channel acquisition problem, switched between 744 ( golf) and 747 (Fox News) . After 2 rotations between channels ( skipping the ads on one or the other), the Fox Channel didn't immediately appear. So, I went our for a smoke, putzed around in the garage for a few more minutes ( it's 100+ down here, ya know), and still no Channel! Toggled back and forth, and Fox News came back on like nothing happened. - This is supposed to be one of the newest units released by VIZIO. I think it could be buggy. Sorry VIZIO, this thing is going back. Utilizing Costco's generous 90 Day return policy.



01/09/2011 03:51

I bought mine at Costco just before Christmas as a gift for my wife to have in the bedroom. Like the above user said the audio is just plain crap. Watching on HD I had the volume at 20 level for the football game on NBC and then was switching to another channel and had to turn it down to 2 level to make it quiet enough! Then another night the volume just kept creeping up in volume for no apparent reason. I also had the picture suddenly go black and then the VIzio logo appeared doing a reboot. I went in to the Audio settings and changed it around a bit and still no difference. And yes I have many channels where the picture and audio are way out of sync. It varies greatly from channel to channel. I am going to call Comcast and also Vizio to rule out any connection problem but based on the user above's experience nothing seems to help.
I am getting ready to box this back up and take it right back to Costco for exchange or refund.
Sorry Vizio your off my list for brands to consider.



02/11/2011 11:05

AUDIO/VIDEO SYNC PROBLEM FIX: Before you return this Vizio product for audio/video sync problems, here is a suggestion that worked for me: Try going into the setup menu and click on "Picture"; then choose the "Game" picture mode and click on "more" menu items. You will see an entry called "Fast Response". Make sure it is in the "On" position. This setting seems to speed up the video processing, and you may find that the audio/video sync issue disappears. This worked for me, using Cox basic cable in the Phoenix area. The "Game" picture mode has picture settings that are not adjustable, but, unless you are extremely fussy, they are pretty much comparable to the default settings.



03/09/2011 01:10

Like Anonymous, I discovered the "Game" mode solution to the audio sync problem by myself. This solution is unacceptable because all the other picture adjustments (contrast, brightness, sharpness, tint, etc.) are locked in "Game" mode. Vizio's "Level 3" support person insisted the audio sync problem is not in Vizio's set: It must be that you use an antenna instead of cable; it must be the quality of the transmission; it must be the distance you live from the transmission tower (2.3 miles, line of sight); is your antenna digital? Did you rescan each time you rotated the antenna? Blah, blah, blah; not Vizio's fault. The set is going back to Costco soon for a refund.
Paul in San Francisco
p.s. I cured the audio blasting problem by turning off the audio setting that is supposed to automatically equalize the volume level between commercials and programs. That is a another defect impelling the return.

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