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The VIZIO 54 inches 5.1 sound bar is more than just stunning sound quality.

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The VIZIO 54 inches 5.1 sound bar is more than just stunning sound quality. Its elegant exterior design adds a stylishly modern look when mounted to your wall or set on any surface, and its slim profile and extended length are designed to complement your large sized HDTV.

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  • The VIZIO 54 inches 5.1 sound bar features an integrated Deep Bass Module, which provides incredible low frequency responses for deep, room-shaking bass.
  • A longer sound bar allows a wider separation between the left and right channels for a superior stereo experience. This added length also projects sound across a larger area, creating a wider sound stage that's ideal for big screen home theater. 
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology makes it easy to wirelessly stream your favorite music or Internet playlist from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Spend more time playing your playlist and less time playing around with wires.
  • The VIZIO 54 inches 5.1 sound bar fills your room across a wider listening angle with up to 104 dB of crystal-clear audio at less than 1% harmonic distortion.
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Advanced Technology

  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS Digital Surround
  • DTS TruVolume
  • VIZIO Surround Matrix
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The description says "wireless subwoofer and satelite speakers". Does this mean the subwoofer and satellite speakers are both wireless?

    The satellite/surround speakers connect to the subwoofer via wires. The bass and surround sound information is sent wirelessly from the soundbar to the subwoofer. So the wireless part is that there are no wires between the soundbar and the subwoofer.

  • The wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers, but the rear speakers aren't actually wireless?

    The rear satellites require a wired connection to the subwoofer (long cables are provided), but there is no wire between the sound bar and subwoofer.

  • Is this system truly wireless for the satellite speakers and sub-woofer?

    The sub-woofer is wireless. The satellite speakers are wired to the sub-woofer.

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