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The impeccable quality with its military-grade aluminum, yet still IPX7 waterproof.

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When you receive this product, pop some batteries in it and prepare to be amazed by its powerful beam. You'll wonder how so much power can be crammed into such a compact package. Then admire how the flashlight feels in your hand. Attach the diffuser and note how the focused beam now scatters about the room like a lantern. Experiment with the 5 modes and memory feature that remembers the last mode. Slide the light into the included belt holster and think how you'll use it to store or carry the light.

What sets this light apart from competition, besides its enviable quality, is that it has zoom focusing, yet is still IPX7 waterproof. Most truly waterproof lights have a fixed focal length where one beam is forced to fit all applications. 

Also, it comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. 

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  • Its impeccable quality with its military-grade aluminum and hardened anodized finish. This light is now available in two models, the VZ230 and the brand new VZ460 which is double the lumens of the VZ230. Both have Lifetime a Manufacturer Warranty.
  • The beam on this torch is unbelievably bright and will amaze you. Instead of buying a 1000 lumen light that heats its handle to over 150 degrees and burns through batteries like crazy, you can use the focusing feature of this light to create a powerful, tight beam to get light that is as bright but with 3 times the battery life. Unlike telescoping focused lights, this twist focus stays where you put it.
  • Features that let you know this light compares to others at 3 times the cost are the precision zoom focus, water-tight O-rings that enable submersion to 3 feet, heavy-duty switch, 5-modes, memory feature, and flexible power options using AAA or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A light diffuser & holster are included at no extra cost.
  • This compact, high-intensity light has been used for military, army, law enforcement, guidesman, firefighters, police, emergency, hunting, photography, security, camping, and many other uses. With an optional weapon mount, it can rail mount on an AR-15, rifle, shotgun, or airsoft gun. An optional remote switch is available. With an optional bike mount it is durable enough even for mountain bikes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of this flashlight?

    With AAA batteries: 4.25" (length) x 1.1" (body diameter) x 1.3" (head diameter) (108 mm x 28 mm x 33 mm)

  • Is there a bike mount that works with the VZ460?

    It didn't come with a bike mount.

  • Do you have to cycle through all modes each time you power it on?

    No, when you turn it on it goes to last mode you used.

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