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The Vivitar Vivicam T027 is a mid-cost digital camera.

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pictures end up very large, gives you a lot to work with in Photoshop

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batteries only last a few photos before wearing out

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pictures come out blurry, anti-shake function doesn't help much

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poor in low-light conditions, pictures come out consistently grainy

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flash function is counter-intuitive and awkward

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view screen has poor resolution, hard to navigate the menus

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automatic settings that activate with the flash on decrease the image quality

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The Vivitar Vivicam T027 is a mid-cost digital camera. The 8x digital zoom of this camera will be able to capture some detail at a distance. The 12.1 megapixel resolution of the Vivicam T027 (a feature shared by the whole line) offers high-quality images with color depth. For saving photos and video, there is SD card support for up to 32GB. This camera differs from the lower cost Vivicam T026 model in that it has a 2.7" screen (a step up from the T026's 2.4" screen). However, this camera lacks the higher cost Vivicam T030 model's 3.0" screen. There are color options for the Vivitar Vivicam T027 digital camera.

  • 12.1 megapixel resolution
  • Antishake
  • 2.7" screen 
  • SD card support up to 32GB
  • Face/smile detection
  • Lens: f=7.45mm F3.0
  • Red eye reduction
  • Pictbridge ready
  • Still image size Up to 4000 x 3000 (12 MP)
  • Video Clip 640x480, 320x240 (support to 30fps)
  • Movie Mode
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Color Options
Color Options
  • Black
  • Green
Post Review
07/10/2011 01:04

Terrible camera, I hate it. Nobody buy this camera, it takes horrible photos!

03/04/2011 01:04

The picture quality is very poor. I would not recommend this camera to anyone.

01/16/2011 12:12

I hate this camera - Am taking it back - It is not user friendly at all - Can never get the flash on - quality not good

12/20/2010 11:49

does it have a battery indicator? how log does the batteries last? it is it a good camera?



12/28/2010 08:15

Batteries don't last long. Hardly used it (25th-27th) and new batteries were dead. Not a good thing. Think I'll take mine back for a refund. Like the chargeable better.



01/03/2011 04:25

yes i agree. i got mine for Christmas and the batteries are wearing out already ive only got about 30 pics on it! besides now it's all screwed up...freezes every time i take a pic and i have to pop open the bettery cover to reset it, which makes me lose the pic. don't buy this camera!



01/12/2011 10:05

I bought one of these cameras and I want my money back. What an absolute waste of money. The batteries die after one brief usage. The flash has to be adjusted for each individual picture taken, not to mention it is never enough flash light. Also, the preview picture in screen is of the poorest quality. It is hard to make out anything in the pix. DO NOT BUY ONE...

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