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The Vivitar Vivicam 7024 is an entry-level compact digital camera built only for the most simple functions.

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menus are intuitive, easy to figure out without a manual

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flash is bright and effective, does a good job with red-eye removal

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turns on and gets ready to take pictures quickly

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takes sharp pictures in most lighting conditions

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several second pause after each shot while it saves

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zoomed pictures get really unstable if the camera is being held in your hands, blur quickly

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doesn't ship with an SD card, can't take pictures without one

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The Vivitar Vivicam 7024 is an entry-level compact digital camera built only for the most simple functions. The 7024 upgrades from the 7022 by incorporating a larger 2.4” TFT LCD display so users can more easily view their captured results. Like its predecessor, it relies on a 7.1MP image sensor to capture JPEG images up to 3072x2304, and AVI videos up to 640x480. Also featured is a microSD memory expansion slot, automatic face detection, and a rechargeable battery. Reviewers warn that though the Vivicam 7024 supports both video and audio capture, it does tend to be blurry and distorted.

  • 7.1MP Image Sensor
  • 4x Digital Zoom Lens
  • ISO 400 Max
  • 2.4” TFT LCD
  • 16MB Internal SDRAM
  • SD/SDHC up to 8GB
  • Still Images up to 3072x2304 (JPEG)
  • Video Clips up to 640x480 @30fps (AVI)
  • Self Timer
  • Windows, Mac OS Compatible
  • USB 2.0 PC Interface
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
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01/13/2011 06:31

how do i open battery compartment?

12/28/2010 06:25
12/28/2010 06:25

My suggestion for everyone is to stay the hell away from any Vivitar product. They suck! Namelly in the most important function of them all, the transfer of pictures and video to the computer. The problem is that they did a hack job of porting the pics and videos stored in the camera to MSDC (Mass Storage Media Device) format so for all intended purposes you cannot extract from the camera whatever you've taken in any way shape or form. If you try you either get errors at worst or simply the camera is read as an unreadable, inaccessible Flash Drive. Now if Vivitar Cameras worked as they are supposed too, the pics and videos would appear in a folder or folders in the camera being read as a flash drive as standard JPG or AVI files etc. But since the Cameras were poorly designed in this aspect is impossible. I hope to find the packaging so I can return the damn thing ASAP. If not I'll have wasted the 40 plus bucks I spent on it for sure...



04/28/2013 12:54

when I was younger I went through many Vivitar Cameras getting the cheapest ones (since I was A kid at the time), and they all sucked. As I got older I went for the more expensive ones, I got one and put the batteries in and it would not even come on. As of now at age 28, I stay the hell away from them, I do however have this camera and it is the only vivitar that is worth A Damn, it does work good but MP's need to be higher due to blurry videos.

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