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The Vivitar Vivicam 5020 is a low-end, entry-level compact digital cameras from Vivitar.

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Excellent option for young children - "Review" setting offers immediate picture viewing and content can be directly uploaded to Mac and PC computers

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Image quality is certifiably poor - shots are overexposed, off-color and commonly out of focus

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Zoom feature is fairly useless - seems only to magnify the camera's inherent blurriness issues

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Difficult to reset once camera has entered a freeze state - user will likely have to remove and replace batteries to regain proper functionality

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Flash component is virtually useless - most shots used in conjunction with the built-in flash are severely overexposed

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May freeze when in "Review" mode - scrolling through pictures at a rapid rate can cause the unit to seize and require powering down

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Flash and anti-shake features must be reconfigured each time the camera is powered own - can cause considerable frustration amongst regular users

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The Vivitar Vivicam 5020 is a low-end, entry-level compact digital cameras from Vivitar. It builds from the 5015 by incorporating a more adult-friendly design, in addition to much improved specifications. Featured is 16MB (versus 8MB) of onboard storage, ISO capacities up to 400, and a larger 2.0” display. Like its predecessor, the device supports medium-resolution JPEG images and VGA films. Also included is automatic face & smile detection, PictBridge compatibility, and microSD expansion.

  • 5.1MP Image Sensor
  • 8x Digital Zoom Lens
  • ISO 400 Max
  • 2.0” TFT LCD
  • 16MB Internal SDRAM
  • SD/SDHC up to 8GB
  • Still Images up to 2592x1944 (JPEG)
  • Video Clips up to 640x480 @15fps (AVI)
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Self Timer
  • Windows, Mac OS Compatible
  • USB 2.0 PC Interface
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
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