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The Viper 5902 Responder HD is Viper’s most advanced 2-way security / remote-start system.

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will tell you if it is too hot to get into the car before you get in

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includes an extra remote if you accidentally lock your keys in the car

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consistent operation, never fails to start the car

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works from a long distance away and through windows without a problem

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easy to read the small display in any lighting

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includes detailed instructions for installation

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fairly high price for a remote starter, need to be a gadget enthusiast to get it

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The Viper 5902 Responder HD is Viper’s most advanced 2-way security / remote-start system. Featured is a Responder HD color remote with a 128x128-pixel OLED high contrast display. Unlike previous generation Responder models (such as the LCD-based LC3), the HD has made the user process by more intuitive, as the remote includes an easy-to-read and to-operate status screen with detailed information and built-in instruction/tutorial guides that walk the user through the process. Users can display the remote-start run-time, monitor the temperature, operate a Parking meter countdown, and more. Plus it supports recognition of 7 different automobile security zones (door, trunk, etc), and when the alarm is triggered, it’ll pinpoint the exact zone that was tampered with.

  • 2-Way Security / Remote-Start System
  • Responder HD Advanced OLED Remote
  • More Intuitive, Color Menu System
  • Detailed Information & Guides
  • Integrated Countdowns/Timers
  • 2-Way Functionality / Command Confirmation
  • Detailed Temperature / Time Check
  • Remote Alarm Arm / Disarm / On
  • Remote Start / Trunk Popping
  • Silent Alarm Confirmation
  • Two Car Support
  • 2000’ Range
  • Virtual Tach RPM Sensing
  • D2D Serial Data Interface
  • XpressPort Dock
  • Flex Relays
  • Manual Transmission
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • Warn-Away
  • Included 1-Way Companion Remote
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