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The Viore LED19VH50 is a low-cost LED TV.

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small speakers are still capable of loud enough volume output for most users

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blacks are deep and dark, no grey or muddiness

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tuner shows HD TV sharply, decodes channels quickly for easy channel flipping

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good variety of input options, compatible with a wide range of equipment

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picture is very bright, handles brightly lit rooms without a problem

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audio quality ranges from distorted to tinny, music lovers will require an external audio system

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colors are very saturated, seems impressive at first but after awhile just looks unrealistic

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The Viore LED19VH50 is a low-cost LED TV. Thanks to the placement of its LED backlighting, this TV is able to have a design that is just 1.5 inches thick, which is a space-saver. The display of the LED19VH50 is 18.5 inches, with a resolution of 1366x768 (meaning it delivers an HD performance). The integrated ATSC TV tuner of this TV allows you to receive HDTV broadcast reception. To ensure depth of color, the dynamic contrast ratio of the LED19VH50 is 10000:1. This TV has a high luminance as well (250cd/m2), helping to ensure a bright picture. To stream content from a PC to the LED19VH50, you can use the VGA port. To stream HD content from other sources, you can use the HDMI input. For audio, this TV has two three watt speakers built in. The Viore LED19VH50 LED TV comes equipped with a full-function remote control.     

  • 18.5" screen (measured diagonally)
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1.5" thick design w/ LED backlight
  • Energy Saving TV
  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1
  • 1366 x 768 native resolution
  • Integrated ATSC TV tuner for HDTV broadcast reception
  • High luminance display (250 cd/m2)
  • HDMI and component video inputs provide HDTV support
  • VGA port for connection to PC
  • Built-in speakers (3W x2)
  • Full-function Remote Control
  • UPC: 827396512937
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