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Adding to the lineup of HD ready televisions, Viewsonic's VT 3245 32" LCD TV continues the advancement of home entertainment.

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colors are bright and brilliant, look impressive

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setup is quick and easy, generally does everything automatically

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thin and light weight design is easy to position without much effort

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upscales SD content to make it look as clear as possible

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doesn't take a long time to scan for channels

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speakers are a bit weak and need to be turned most of the way to max to be heard right

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colors tend to be overly vibrant and unrealistic

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remote has a strange weight to it, feels like you're holding it upside-down

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Adding to the lineup of HD ready televisions, Viewsonic's VT 3245 32" LCD TV continues the advancement of home entertainment.  For a suprisingly affordable price, the VT 3245 uses 16:9 aspect ratio bringing widescreen entertainment alive in any home or office.  The wide display, audio surround sound and 1920x1080 resolution makes the VT 3245 great for viewing movies, sports, playing video games or as a monitor for your computer.  With two HDMI ports and RGB input,  connecting to a PC is simple and allows for streaming through the Internet.  Viewsonic has also increased its viewing angles to 176 degrees making the VT 3245 viewer friendly and convenient to place in any location around the room.  With a black case color and anti-glare, anti-reflective glass surface, the VT 3245 adds style to any room decor.  Other benefits include a long life span for the light source, contrast ratio of 4000:1, response time of 6.5 ms and view settings such as normal, movie, full screen or no scaling. 

  • 32" color TFT active matrix LCD display
  • Viewing angle of 176 x 176 degrees
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflective glass surface
  • Weight: 21 lbs. (without stand)
  • 30.8" x 21.1" x 4.3"
  • 2x5-watt speakers
  • Light source long life upto 50,000 hours
  • Audio surround sound experience, ideal for fast action movies and sporting events.
  • Advanced image scaling capabilities enable optimal viewing
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